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Glass Countertops – The True Story

Last Updated on January 6, 2020

So if you read the Granite Transformations blog you probably know that we offer glass countertops, though many people don’t exactly know what that entails. We are familiar with standard stone-based options like granite, marble, silestone, and soapstone. The idea of glass countertops is intriguing – a shiny, smooth surface that can come in a wide array of colors, perhaps a wider array than than can be found within a stone-based inventory. Is it durable? Yes! Let us explain the process.

At the beginning of the process we collect post-consumer recycled glass. These tiny, crushed pieces of glass are the base for our sturdy glass countertops. We add semi-precious stones to fill out the base material. Coloring and forming of the countertops are carried out in a totally non-toxic manner, and, assuredly, there is no form of radiation present in our glass countertops.

Chiaro Ambra Trend Glass
Chiaro Ambra Trend Glass

There are some serious benefits that come along with a new, shiny, fit to order glass countertop. They are impervious to intense heat and freezing cold, so go ahead and toss your to-be-defrosted items down on the counter or your piping hot pots and pans – no wear there. They also resist scratching, something so many other countertop options cannot claim. Feel free to julienne those vegetables to your hearts content! There will be no evidence of the slicing and dicing.

As strong as granite, no wear and tear, and as attractive a countertop on the market – fits your kitchen to your specifications too! It’s okay, you can take a longer look at the glass countertops.

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