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Giving Granite the Respect it Deserves

Last Updated on January 23, 2012


When you use granite, be it in your bathroom or kitchen, you are sending a distinct message. This material more than vulgar marble or cold steel lends itself to a balance of practicality, wealth, and style. Too many home owners use granite in a way that does not fully capture the power and cleanliness of this wonderful stone. Here are a few tips on how to get the very best out of your granite surfaces.

Location, Location, Location

Granite is so attractive because it is versatile. Positioning it as a splash back is a practical application, as is using it as a floor or kitchen surface, but why not make the most of it. Granite aficionados will point out the beautiful seem, shading and composition of quality stone, and this is well worth showcasing. Kitchens lend themselves to bold statements with granite – broad horizontal stripes can expand your room and make it look unique. Create a statement piece with your granite instead of tucking it away and you will come to love the space for it.

Lighting is Crucial

Like most stone, granite takes on a different appearance depending on the way lights and shadows fall across its surface. One of the more unusual ways of drawing attention to your spectacular granite is to light it with lights that capture the drama of a piece. Every home has standard lighting on the granite, but why not use a shifting optic light, or perhaps some back lighting to create a sense of drama and uniqueness?  There is no reason why stone should fall into the background of your home.

Clash Colours

Adventurous colours are always great if you want to bring aspects of a space to the fore, but people do not ever think to clash natural material with bright colours. The result is dark rooms that are all natural, but end up looking flat. Rather incorporate a combination of natural stone (well-lit and positioned) against a splash of colour, like blood orange or electric blue. The contrast will add depth and interest, and finally you will get the stone popping out in the manner that it should. It sounds simple, but the difference is immediately evident and tangible.

This guest post was written by freelance writer Victoria. She is currently learning about small business website builder.

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