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Custom Countertops

Getting that Custom Kitchen for Less

Last Updated on September 20, 2022

Installing custom granite countertops in your home is a prominent way to define the style of your unique space. While creating a customized counter might make your wallet start to tremble, there are some easy and affordable ways to create a custom look without breaking the bank.

Traditional countertop installation involves giving up use of your kitchen while a team of contractors rip out existing furnishings and mount new counters in the space, possibly damaging your floors and walls during the demolition period. This installation process can take anywhere from several days to several weeks. Time is money, and more time spent kicking up dirt and dust in your home is certainly less money you have to spend on achieving the custom look you want.

On the other hand, custom granite overlays are pre-cut to fit directly over your existing counter space. This process means you can have beautiful new custom countertops in as little as 2-4 days with no demolition or aggravation required. By cutting down on the project time, overlays also dramatically cut down on cost, meaning the same custom granite look can be achieved for much less.

A kitchen decked out in countertop overlays and refaced cabinets.
A kitchen decked out in countertop overlays and refaced cabinets.

For ease and convenience, glass mosaics are hard to beat. Custom blends of glass tiles can be assembled to perfectly coordinate with existing color schemes in your kitchen or bathroom. After installing new flooring or putting up a fresh coat of paint, creating a custom countertop to match adds a polished look to the whole room. Glass mosaics also create a perfect accompaniment to new granite countertops. Granite counters can be finessed with a coordinating glass backsplash to unify the entire space.

With the money you will have saved by choosing granite overlay or glass mosaic, you can even consider a cabinet refacing to complete the new custom look. Instead of replacing your existing cabinets, a refacing process allows you to have full use of your kitchen during the installation time. Cabinetry experts are able to take your current cabinets and give them a complete makeover, molding them into a style and finish that matches your new custom look. This process cuts down on the cost of furnishing all new cabinetry while allowing for maximum dramatic results.

Pick any color you desire.
Pick any color you desire.

Expanding a custom countertop search to include these new installation methods makes it possible for many people to find affordable design options. The desire to have a custom granite countertop in your home should never have to be compromised by exceptionally high installation costs. Doing ample research before committing to any product or company will ensure you get a beautiful custom countertop that lasts for years to come.

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