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Use Granite Transformations’ iPad App, iGranite, To Bring The Remodel Of Your Dreams To Life.

Get to Know the Granite Transformations iGranite App for iPad

Last Updated on January 6, 2020

At Granite Transformations, we constantly strive to make the remodeling process as simple and convenient as possible. This is why we introduced our highly acclaimed iPad app, iGranite. In fact, the iGranite app, available for free at Apple’s App Store, has been named one of the 30 Top Design Apps for 2013 by Interiors and Sources Magazine. With this app, you are able to visualize the end result of your remodel with a few easy steps.

This app was created to help our customers customize their remodeling projects from the comfort of their own home. With iGranite, you are able to contemplate which products are most suited for your desired remodeling space, compare different designs to see which is your favorite and share your remodeling ideas with friends and family to get additional feedback.  Thanks to iGranite, the question of if your remodel will turn out the way you envisioned has been eliminated!


How to Use the App

  • Begin by uploading a snapshot of your very own kitchen, bathroom or any other residential or commercial space you are interested in remodeling.
  • Then, with a few simple movements of your finger, you can transform your own countertops, backsplash, cabinets, walls and floor using our complete palette of colors and textures. You are actually custom-designing your own environment to precisely suit your personal taste.
  • Finally, use iGranite to share the resulting image with your friends and family with ease.


Click here to download the iGranite app to your iPad. To find out if Granite Transformations is a good fit for your next remodel, schedule an in-home consultation now.

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