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Get the Most Out Of Your Kitchen with the Right Lighting

Last Updated on March 16, 2012

With the continuing trend of open plan kitchen and family rooms there is no reason why your kitchen can’t be entirely functional and a statement at the same time; a room in which you can entertain guests and marinate the roast turkey at the same time.

Lighting is a great way to achieve this if chosen and implemented correctly. Lighting can both unite and divide the room depending on your mood. Whilst halogen down lighting can open up your space, avoid it if you want to avoid the predictable and be ahead of the trend. It has also come under fire recently for not being very eco-friendly and can be a drain on your electricity meter.

However if you are still keen on halogen lighting, place it in unusual places, choosing up lighting and cabinet lighting, to allow the light to bounce around the kitchen in an unexpected yet functional way. Lighting that can be dimmed can also be a great way to set the mood after dinner has been served and you’re on to the dessert wine. Ikea has some inexpensive cabinet and countertop lighting fixtures that will mean you’ll have some spare change left over for some of their famous Swedish meatballs!

If your kitchen has an island or a breakfast bar you can deliver the wow factor with art décor light fixtures. Scandinavian design is particularly on trend at the moment with the combination of clean lines and practicality. If you’re looking for inspiration take a look at MOMAs light installations. The Amsterdam based design company Droog’s 85 Lamps Chandelier which is part of MOMAs permanent collection and is a particular favourite. The 85 Lamps Chandelier consists of (you guessed it) 85 light bulbs roped together to form a chandelier. It is a stunning example of how simplicity, functionality and style can combine to really deliver.

Droog Chandelier

If you don’t have the budget to buy Droog’s light fixture after installing your kitchen there are other creative ways to get the wow factor. A friend, after installing their kitchen in their seaside holiday home, bought an old dinghy in a flea market, installed some low cost lighting and hung it over their kitchen island. Not only was it a fantastic statement piece put together on a budget, it also became a great conversation piece.

After installing your kitchen remember to pause for a moment and consider how you want your kitchen to be seen and used. Lighting can transform it from a functional space into so much more.

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