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Get The Most Out Of Your Home Using Garden Buildings

Last Updated on November 3, 2011

Garden sheds can help crowded families get the most from their homes by providing desperately needed additional space without the hassles and high cost of building an extension.

Whether as extra storage space or as additional special-purpose rooms for children or prolific hobbyists, the right garden building can increase the liveability of a home whilst adding to the beauty of the property.

Garden buildings were once mostly commonly used for storing gardening tools and equipment and perhaps the odd item bulky item that did not fit anywhere within the home, but these structures are being used for many other purposes now.

Today’s garden buildings are beautiful additions to a home, not the flimsy tin sheds or unsightly wooden shacks of yesterday. Some have porches and windows and are divided into multiple rooms. Some sheds are even designed to look like log cabins.

These modern new buildings still provide extra storage space, but since sheds are now sturdily built, secure from pests and leaks and can even have climate controls installed, they are perfect for storing even the most important items. Families often use them to stow out-of-season clothing, unused furniture pieces and other important household items.

Garden buildings are also a good choice for housing noisy or messy hobbies that some family members may not want cluttering up the home. A dusty woodworking hobby is right at home in its own building, and so is a gardener’s potting bench and young plants.

Even quieter hobbies like writing can find a home in a beautifully designed building of its own. In this case, being away from the house means being separated from the noises of the household so better concentration ispossible.

Children especially like having their own playroom that is completely separate from the house, but parents can be sure children are safe when they are playing just a few feet away in the family’s garden building.

With extra items and space-consuming activities moved to their own comfortable new space, the rooms of the house can be repurposed. That sewing room can finally be converted to a guest bedroom so friends can come to stay. There will be no more dust and fumes in the kitchen if the furniture refinishing projects are out of the garage and into a separate space.

Even better, each family member has more space to call his or her own, even the ones that never use the building. Since fewer people and things are under foot when there is more space, everyone comes out ahead.

Because garden sheds are more beautiful than ever, they can also increase the property’s value, and that can be an asset when it is time for the family to move somewhere else. The new occupants will likely be grateful for the extra space too.

Just about every kind of family can benefit from the additional storage and working space that an added building provides, and since the neighbourhood benefits from the added beauty it brings to the street, everyone wins.

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This was a guest article from Tiger Sheds, specialists in garden furniture including garden sheds, log cabins and summerhouses.

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