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Get a Marble Look Without All the Maintenance

Last Updated on April 15, 2022

For centuries, marble has been revered as one of the world’s most luxurious stone materials. It has graced countless buildings and was the preferred medium for many famous sculptors. Today, marble is more popular than ever among homeowners who are embracing its old-world style and designing their homes with the inclusion of marble kitchen countertops.

But depending on the needs of your household, marble may not be the best choice for your countertops. Don’t worry, though. You can still achieve the timeless look of marble without investing in marble itself.

Why true marble may not be the ideal solution

In its natural state, marble is rather delicate and requires a fair amount of maintenance. Marble is naturally porous and can stain, chip or crack easily. If you spend a significant amount of time working in your kitchen or you have young children, a marble countertop will be more prone to damage.

Additionally, natural marble requires sealing every year to prevent any kind of permanent staining or damage. To further protect the surface, you should only use non-abrasive cleaning products. While this step may not seem daunting at first, if you don’t typically use non-abrasive cleaning solutions in your home, cleaning marble will require a definite learning curve.

None of these are dealbreakers, as the beauty of marble has historically drawn people to it. But what if you could achieve the same sophisticated appearance as marble without all of its drawbacks?

Thanks to modern technology, you can have the best of both worlds. There are newer countertop options that capture the glamor and beauty of natural marble, while making it more durable to stand up to today’s busy lifestyles.

More than meets the eye

Introducing the Classic Marble Collection from Granite and TREND Transformations. Our Classic Marble Collection is made with quartz and recycled glass but looks just like marble. The result is that you get to incorporate the timeless beauty of marble into your home without having to worry about excessive maintenance and upkeep.

This line uses our remarkable ForeverSeal® technology to ensure the surfaces are nonporous, stain-, scratch-, heat-, and mildew-resistant—and maintenance-free.

Homeowners crave the luxurious look of marble but need durability and ease of maintenance to match their busy lifestyles. Our Classic Marble Collection is therefore the perfect solution. It offers a high-end look without all the maintenance.

The Classic Marble Collection features three stunning color options:

Carrara: This countertop is a tribute to the traditional gray-veined marble. Its refined beauty will carry you off to Italy, all from the comfort of your kitchen!

Calacatta: Named after a rare type of marble used by Michelangelo for some sculptures, Calacatta boasts gorgeous gold and gray veins.

Statuario: Classy dark and gray veins adorn this beautiful countertop.

Classic Marble Collection from Granite Transformations

Our Classic Marble Collection has countless benefits. Some of them include:

  • Made from quartz with the look of marble, making it more durable than natural marble
  • Offered in multiple styles, so you can find the perfect complement to your décor
  • Nonporous, which makes it scratch-, stain-, and heat-resistant—perfect for kitchen countertops
  • Mold and mildew-resistant, making it the ideal solution for bathroom vanities, tub and shower surrounds
  • Easy to clean and maintain over time
  • Comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty

Lasting Luxury

Marble is timeless. Just one look at Michelangelo’s statue of David is proof enough that marble is luxury set in stone (pardon the pun). The same holds true for marble kitchen countertops. Whether you choose to use marble in select spaces such as a kitchen island or go all out with countertops, backsplashes and bathroom vanities, marble has the staying power to bring years of warmth and beauty to your home. Plus, you’ll benefit from installing a timeless product, which over time holds its value for a lifetime of use.

However, don’t take our word for it. Please take some time to look at our collections and see what catches your eye. Then contact us to schedule your in-home design consultation. We’ll come to your home with our full line of surfaces, mosaic tiles and cabinets, and we’ll help you build the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams, using products that are eco-friendly, beautiful and will last a lifetime.

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