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Ewok costume for dog

Fun Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Pets

Last Updated on October 9, 2015

Halloween is all about costumes and is by far the most fun holiday to kick off the fall season. Pet lovers are getting their dogs and cats ready for the holiday, and are searching for the perfect Halloween costume to show them off in. We have selected some of our favorite dog costumes, cat costumes and even a horse costume to help get those creative juices flowing, since Halloween is right around the corner!

Here are some fun pet costume ideas that are sure to become favorites (or just give you a chuckle).

Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones Dog Costume(Photo Courtesy of

Cat Lion

Cat Costume - Lion Costume(Photo Courtesy of

Harry Potter Horse

Harry Potter Horse Costume(Photo Courtesy of


Batman Costume for Cats - Catman(Photo Courtesy of

 Police Dog

Police Costume for Dogs(Photo Courtesy of

 Bulldog Pirate

Pirate Bull Dog Costume(Photo Courtesy of

 Panda Puppy

Panda Puppy Costume(Photo Courtesy of

 Happy Halloween from Granite Transformations!

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