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Friendsgiving and Other Thanksgiving Traditions to Try This Year

Last Updated on November 8, 2021

There’s excitement in the air this holiday season as friends and family plan on going all out to make this the best Thanksgiving yet after having to stay socially distanced for some time. With so much catching up—and so much cooking and baking to be done—many people are blending traditions to keep the holiday fun and festive. Did someone mention “Friendsgiving”?

This month, Granite and TREND Transformations joins the fun as we kick off (yes, football pun intended) the season with the top Thanksgiving traditions to try this year. Let’s see how many will be on your list.

Host a Friendsgiving celebration

celebrating together

If you’ve never heard of Friendsgiving, then you’re hearing it here first! Just as it sounds, Friendsgiving is a fun play on words—combining “friends” and “Thanksgiving”—where you and your best friends gather to share your own special holiday dishes and all the trimmings. This new holiday celebration is catching on with friends who always wished they could spend the holidays together, but were with their own families on the actual holiday. So, where did this idea come from? Some say it originated from the Thanksgiving episode of the hit television show, Friends. In any event, Friendsgiving is becoming so popular that it recently made it into Merriam-Webster’s dictionary in January 2020.

So, let’s talk turkey. If you’re ready to host a Friendsgiving celebration, here’s all you need to know to make it great:

  • It can be celebrated in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving Day, or at any time that works best for your crew.
  • One of your friends—maybe even you—will host the celebration and ask everyone to bring a dish. Making this a potluck gathering takes the burden off of the host so that everyone can enjoy a relaxing time. All you have to do is set a festive table and cook the bird—or cater it!

As the expression goes, “Friends are the family we choose” So, this year, why not put the word out and start your own Friendsgiving tradition with your besties?

Family-fun traditions

One of the best things about the holidays is spending time with your family and friends. But, giving thanks and giving back are important parts, too. Yes, Thanksgiving is all about the turkey and football, but there is so much more that goes into hosting the big event. Here are some fun ways to celebrate on Thanksgiving that just might turn into new traditions for your family:

Pie baking competition


Who makes the best apple pie in your family? Having a bake-off competition is a fun and tasty way to settle the score for good. Have your guests do a taste test and let the competition begin. And may the best pie win!

Outdoor activities

playing in the leaves

Getting everyone outside in the fresh air—and out of your hair—is a great way for families to spend time together. Try a game of cornhole or flag football to get their appetites ready for the big meal ahead. This is one tradition that may very well carry over for generations to come.

Pumpkin decorating contest

pumpkin decorating

Here’s one that the kids—and the kids at heart—will love to do. Purchase a variety of pumpkins and set up a craft station. Provide yarn, markers, paint, and other crafting essentials and let them go to town. You can even put out colored construction paper and kid-safe scissors and have them make paper turkey hats! How apropos is that?


volunteering serving meals

Giving back to the less fortunate goes hand in hand with the spirit of the season. Volunteering to feed the hungry, visiting with the elderly, or even bringing a holiday meal to a family in need is a wonderful way to share the meaning of the season. Why not add this one to your list of family traditions?

Put up the Christmas tree

decorating christmas tree

The jury is still out on the right time for putting up the tree. But with everyone there, why not make it a family affair? Plus, with all the extra helpers, your tree will be up and beautiful in no time. And just think— it’s one less thing on your holiday to-do list!

Say a special prayer or some words of gratitude

saying grace

There’s always something to be grateful for. You don’t have to be religious to express your gratitude. Starting a tradition of saying a special Thanksgiving prayer or grateful words before dinner is a touching way to start the meal.

Watch your favorite holiday movie

watching a movie

There’s something special about cozying up after a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and enjoying your favorite holiday movie. This classic Thanksgiving tradition is almost as popular as watching football. It’s even better when looking at your Christmas tree. Hint, hint!

Entertaining in style

elegant kitchen

The holidays are all about entertaining. Having just the right space in just the right place can make your holiday entertaining a breeze. Kitchen islands make everything easier and are a host’s paradise when it comes to prepping and serving. Imagine the ease and beauty of serving your guests on a new kitchen island in your home? Already have a kitchen island? Our beautiful line of etherium® By E-Stone surfaces and “over-the-top” installation process can transform your kitchen island with today’s most sought-after looks. It’s a less stress, less mess solution that can be done in as little as a day.

We hope you enjoyed our blog and were inspired to try some new traditions with your family. What’s your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

If you’ve been thinking about a kitchen or bathroom refresh, we invite you to schedule a free in-home, or virtual, design consultation. Contact us today.

Wishing you and your family a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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