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Studio Apartment Décor

Four Ways To Spruce Up Your Studio Apartments Interior

Last Updated on January 5, 2012

If you recently moved into a new studio apartment and now seek ways to spruce the interior without the need for a complete overhaul or time consuming design, we present a few inexpensive ideas to get you going.

Each one of our tips below is easy, fun and not too hard on the wallet. Let us know what you think and if you decide to give our tips a try, do come back here to the blog and leave a comment. We look forward to your inspired creations.

1. Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to add size and personality to any room big or small, but small spaces in particular are great for the use of mirrors as they add depth to a room. Put them on a wall, ceiling or door and see the room magically expand. This is a trick often used by home decorators to make a room instantly appear larger. Try it today on your small space and see the difference.

2. Plants

Besides the nutrient quality of adding much needed air into a room, plants also appease a room by adding warmth and tranquility to the space. For good indoor air, try an English Ivy or Peace Lily and for a sexy makeover to any corner pick a plant that is large and charge. Ikea has a fantastic selection of indoor plants from desktop to floor size and in a variety of price points. Try a plant today in your small indoor space to both spruce and spice it up.

plant in corner floor
plant in corner floor

3. Bookshelves

Another popular secret employed by home decorators and interior designers is the strategic placement of bookshelves in smaller apartments and or rooms. If you’re short on space, try two long but thin bookshelves on either end of say, you’re TV console or living room table – which should center your room and give it much needed anchor. That’s a buzzword often used in interior design, that or I’ve been watching too many episodes of Nate Berkus.

two bookshelves in room
two bookshelves in room

4. Picture Frames

One inexpensive and fun way to really add color and personality to any studio apartment (no matter how drab) is via a series of different sized picture frames. Pick a wall (one that is preferably bare) and envision how you want to place each frame, the key here is to pick the same color but different sized picture frames. You can pick a theme, such as family photos only, photos from a special trip or a wall of friends. Have fun here and really adorn the wall with a series of awesome pictures and groovy accompanying frames.

picture frames on wall
picture frames on wall

As you can see there are a number of cool ways to spruce up your small studio apartment without resorting to lengthy renovations and or construction. A simple mirror here, a lovely plant there and or a mind blowing wall of picture frames – and you’re one step closer to home decor nirvana.

This guest article comes courtesy of Missy Diaz who writes for an high speed internet broadband provider. She recently moved into a small studio apartment where she writes on behalf of several clients and needs to spruce up her new place with the tips above.

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