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Floor Planner

FloorPlanner Helps You Plan Home Renovation Projects

Last Updated on November 12, 2009

If you’re planning on remodeling your home, but are concerned about making measurement or layout mistakes, check out Floor Planner, an online application that allows you to create and share interactive floor plans and eliminate mistakes in your next home renovation project.

The app, which is free in the Personal version, allows you to create and save a floor plan for your house and surrounding property – with accurate measurements, easy editing, hundreds of options for furniture and other fixtures (like countertops). It also gives you the option to add in your own images.

In addition to creating floor plans, the app allows you to share your creation and to see what other users have created. It also features a tutorial, tips provided by pros, and discussion forums where you can get advice from other users.

Of course, if you require more than one floor plan, or other advanced features like interactive tours and exporting floor plans, you have the option of purchasing one of the paid versions.

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