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Enhance Your Hallway

Five Ways To Enhance Your Hallway

Last Updated on March 22, 2012

Your hallway may seem like a purely functional area, a place that serves as an intermediary between the house entrance and other rooms. You might view the hallway as dull and consign it to a fate of being a part of your home that you can’t – or don’t want to – improve. But hallways do matter and an attractive one really adds to the impact when you or your visitors enter your house.

Creating Illusions

Your hallway may feel small and restrictive and while you’ll probably not be able to alter the area’s dimensions, you can use mirrors to enhance its perceived size. A mirror near to a natural light source such as a window not only adds to the effect the light has on the hallway, creating brightness where the room was dim before, but also increases the space people perceive when they enter the hall, especially if the mirror is positioned horizontally.

Adding Focus

If you want to make your hallway more interesting, you’ll need something for the eyes to be drawn to, just as slate house signs can draw the gaze outside. A drab hallway devoid of content is not very inspiring, so instead create a mural, feature wall or other decoration that can be used as a focal point for attention and a way to display your household’s creative output. This kind of area could feature art drawn by your children, for example, or perhaps simply a few framed paintings or family photos. You could also else have some colourful boxes for added storage.

And when it comes to storage, the typical hallway presents a number of options – you simply need to know where to start. Underneath your stairs can offer you room for a vacuum cleaner or perhaps a box full of shoes, light bulbs and other miscellaneous items that don’t have a home elsewhere. Alternatively, you might transform the below-stairs area into a storage scheme with a small bookcase, for example. A coat stand or umbrella well is another item that goes well in a hallway, since it can stand on its own and doesn’t get in the way too much.



Aesthetics are as important to a better hallway as practicality. For instance, suitable lighting can make a world of difference. Install a skylight for a brighter hall, or choose to have layers of light to once again give the illusion that your hallway has more space than it really has. However, you will need to avoid pendant lights. These have the exact opposite effect and can really produce a cramped impression within your hallway, especially if you have a lower-than-average ceiling.

Also on the subject of aesthetics, consider the colours you use in your hallway. You will have to think about the surrounding rooms before you start making radical changes to the hallway, since consistency with adjacent rooms will look best. If you do have the option of redecorating and changing the predominant colours in your hallway, consider neutral whites to keep the area light or a yellow scheme for added warmth.

Zoe is an ardent blogger and copywriter from the UK. She is currently writing for House Name Plate, and loves to share her knowledge on home improvement through content on the internet. Tweet your thoughts on this article to @granite_trans or @bloggingstyle.

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