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Five Unique Ways to Fix Up Your Picture Frames

Last Updated on November 2, 2011

Nobody likes a bare wall. Whether it’s a pop of color paint or a display of funky mirrors, we love to liven up our homes with all types of unique décor. And sure, incorporating our favorite framed photos of our best friends and family gatherings is a necessity, but sometime your walls need a little sprucing up that even a lovely black and white photo can’t fix. Instead of spending loads of money re-doing your décor, give your picture frames a creative makeover for instant appeal. With embellishments and unique subject matter, you’ll prove that pictures aren’t the only things worth a thousand words.

1. Centerpiece a scarf.

Got a couple of old fashioned or bold patterned scarves you’re not using? Try framing one or a couple for an eye-catching piece of artwork. Silk scarves can be a little difficult to frame (they tend to want to bunch up or wrinkle easily), so make sure any creases are ironed or steamed prior to placing it in the frame.  Stylish fashion can be worn by your walls, too!

2. Construct a collage.



One of my favorite hobbies, magazine collage-ing is both a therapeutic craft and a way to modernize your frames. Collect a couple of magazines and try clipping a monochromatic design with words and pictures or opt for an abstract geometric pattern like the one above. A beauty-themed collage is perfect for the bathroom and a cocktail theme adds a whole lot of sophistication to your bar area.

3. Showcase sentiments.

Framed Cards


The holidays are on their way, and what better way to showcase some of your favorite Christmas cards by framing all of those meaningful messages? Framing cards and mementos not only adds a decorative flair to your hallways and kitchen (framing old recipes are the perfect touch for above your counter tops!), but also trigger the happiness you felt from receiving and collecting those precious keepsakes.

4. Zoom in.


Have a favorite photo or piece of artwork you just can’t get enough of? Try getting it enlarged at your local photography or print studio and cut it into a grid for a chic twist on the traditional. This usually works best with identical or similar frames and offers a fresh, sleek alternative to a large framed poster.

5. Nix the pics.

lsj 073


If all else fails, try this elegant alternative: ditch the photographs and paint your existing frames one color (neutral hues look best on bold walls and bright hues look best on light paint). Add a classic centerpiece—such as your monogram—and alternate frame sizes for a Martha Stewart-worthy dining room.

Looking for more ideas? This photo post offers endless amounts of photo and frame creativity. More Design Please is a blog that always impresses me with its innovative photo design findings, too.

Explore, embrace, and enhance your walls to match your moods and interests. Good luck and happy decorating!

Author Bio: Molly Borter loves trying out the latest decorating and DIY projects for her home. When she’s not sprucing up her walls, she works as a content writer for the Affordable Style Network and blogs about fashion trends.

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