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Women with Tools

Five Tools Every Woman Should Own

Last Updated on October 20, 2011

Times have changed and women have every opportunity to do things just as well as men do; so why does it seem that men still run the power tools? Well, that doesn’t need to be the case. Often times, women simply don’t know where to start when gathering tools of their own so here’s a simple list of beginner tools. If you still need some advice on which type to get, you should go to a local hardware store and ask an associate which tools are best for you. Don’t forget to research coupons, some tools can be a bit pricey.

1. Let’s start with the most obvious tool: the hammer. You may not realize it but there are dozens of styles of hammers out there that may leave you a little confused as to which is which. The most common used style of hammer, the claw hammer, is probably your best bet. It has a curved down claw on one end the splits into a ‘V’ shape. That split is used to pull out floorboards and nails, which is useful when rearranging picture frame or shelves on the wall. Claw hammers come in different weights so be sure to fiddle around with a few before committing to buy it.

2. Secondly we have the screwdriver. Now there are two main types of screwdrivers, the flat head and the Philips, and both are equally as important. So the if they are both important, which should you get? The answer is both! Many times, screwdrivers come in a pre-packaged set with a variety of sizes and lengths. Unlike the hammer, you can’t use one type of screwdriver for every type of screw so it’s best to get a variety. If you are a bit more advanced in working with tools, you could upgrade from a basic screwdriver to a power drill.

3. The wrench is also a very important tool to have by your side, but like everything else, there are several different kinds. You may automatically think monkey wrench, as that is one of the more popular styles; however to get the most bang for your buck you’ll want something that can work for nearly everything. Introducing, the adjustable wrench! The adjustable wrench does just that, one side of the claw moves to create a larger or smaller width for you to work with. Similar to the screwdriver, not all nuts and bolts are the same size but by buying an adjustable wrench, you can limit the number of overall wrenches you’ll need to get the job done.

4. Pliers are next on the list and like everything there are several types. However, since you do want the most versatile tool, the obvious solution is the slip-joint pliers. Slip-joint pliers can actually open to multiple widths by simply moving the pivot to a different groove. Pliers are extremely convenient to have as they have multiple functions including: gripping, cutting and bending.

5. Lastly there’s the rotary tool. Now the rotary tool may seems a bit scary at first since it is a power tool but they are handheld and don’t require much force to use. A rotary can actually be several tools in one, such as: a saw, sander, detailer and drill. Rotary tools even come cordless if you plan on taking it on the road or simply don’t want the hassle of dealing with a cord. Confused about which attachments to get for your rotary? Well most rotary tools actually come as a kit and include some of the basics.

Steff Scholl isn’t new to the world of power tools, as she has worked with a variety of mediums to finish several projects. Because of this, she knows how difficult and expensive it can be to find good tools when first starting off. Steff recommends using Sears coupons for a better deal.

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