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Fall Home Décor Trends: What’s In and What’s Out

Last Updated on January 6, 2020

Fall is an exciting time as we transition from warm summer nights to the cool and crisp ones found in autumn. Longer nights mean spending more time in your home. Whether it’s cozying up by the fire or entertaining for the upcoming holidays, today’s homeowners are switching things up by swapping their light and airy summer looks for warm and cozy fall décor.

Before you break out the pumpkins, however, here’s a look at what’s in and what’s out for this season’s fall home décor.

What’s In

Warm Colors and Velvet Textures

Warm up the room by swapping out cotton pillows and throws for richly colored orange and red velvet ones. It’s an easy way to welcome the season – and your guests – while bringing a cozy feeling to your home.

Go Dark, Go Green

Dark colors like black and dark brown are making a comeback and this fall season is all about the dramatic. Dark green is a popular cabinet color choice for this fall and winter; this natural hue blends beautifully with almost any home décor.

Green cabinets
Photo credit:

Marble Look

Marble is totally in. Granite Transformations makes quartz countertops which create the gorgeous look of marble, without the scratching, staining and heat damage that tend to accompany regular marble. Pictured below is Carrarra from the Trascenda™ Collection.

Carrarra from Trascenda Collection

Subway Tile

For anyone who’s considering a fall kitchen renovation, Subway tile remains a timeless classic and lends the perfect backdrop to any home décor. It’s not only aesthetically flexible, it’s also available in a variety of materials and colors to suit any price point. Granite Transformations offers a variety of Subway tile colors to match any kitchen style. The tile of choice in the kitchen below is Subway Pearl.

Subway Pearl backsplash

Gallery Wall

Did you ever wonder where to hang that last picture? Creating a gallery wall is the perfect fix for running out of wall space while serving as a great way to display all your favorite pictures in one place. This is currently one of the top trending fall home décor ideas.

gallery wall
Design by: Lynn Byrne, Décor Arts Now | Photo credit: Ellen McDermott | Source:

Layered Look

Layering your furniture with soft, cozy throws is a beautiful way to add a touch of warmth to the space while also providing the convenience of a quick wrap on a chilly night.

Design by: Sarah Richardson | Source:

A Warm Welcome

Add a touch of fall to your front door with a festive wreath, some pumpkins, and seasonal foliage. It’s a beautiful way to spruce up your entryway as you welcome your guests with colors of the season.

festive fall front door

What’s Out

Copper Furniture

Copper home accessories, along with marble and rose gold, have had their day. The new trend is shying away from these overly shiny pieces and moving toward classic, aged brass. If you’ve already invested in real copper fixtures or a copper farmhouse sink, however, your investment is safe, as these genuine accessories remain timeless and will hold their value.

Copper furniture
Photo credit: Urban Outfitters | Source:

Bland Furniture Sets

Generic furniture sets are on their way out. The new fall décor trend is to mix and match different designs and styles to create a one-of-a-kind look.

bland furniture

Brushed Metal

Brushed metals can give off an industrial look that designers say have seen their day. This fall, look for shiny, warm metals like bronze and gold, as these will add a new dimension of sophistication to your home.

Brushed metal fixtures in kitchen
Photo credit: Getty/Slobo | Source:

Plain Bedding

This fall might be the best time to spice things up in the bedroom. We’re talking bedding here, so everything from plain white sheets, duvets and shams should get a complete color makeover. Embrace the latest fall home décor ideas for your bedroom by blending rustic textures and luxurious fabrics to create a sultry and relaxing bedroom retreat.

Plain bedding

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