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Facing the Facts about Cabinet Refacing

Last Updated on March 29, 2022

Let’s face it – most of us spend a good amount of time in our kitchens, but how many of us can say we’re happy with the way it looks? Some homeowners shy away from kitchen renovations due to the cost and weeks of downtime, but cabinet refacing could be the answer to finally having a trendy, updated kitchen – without the high price tag or hassle of a total kitchen renovation. Cabinet refacing is a kitchen and bathroom update idea that has many advantages!

Time is on your side

One of the advantages of cabinet refacing is the process can be completed quickly, compared to the lengthy process of a full cabinet replacement, which requires completely ripping out your old cabinets and putting in new ones. Depending on the size of your kitchen, a cabinet refacing job by Granite and TREND Transformations can be done in as little as a day, since only the cabinet doors and drawer fronts are being replaced. The best advantage of cabinet refacing is you still have full use of your kitchen, unlike a total renovation which can sideline you for several weeks.

Costs less than cabinet replacement

According to data based on actual project costs reported by Home Advisor members, homeowners spend an average of $6,668 on cabinet refacing. With these numbers coming close to about half the cost of a full cabinet replacement project, these homeowners are transforming their kitchens while pocketing the difference. HomeAdvisor members report new cabinet installations cost as much as $18,000 with high-end custom installations reaching $24,000 or more. With the money they save, some are choosing to splurge on “extras” to make their new kitchens even more beautiful and functional.

Of course, the cost of cabinet refacing can easily exceed the national average. Here are some factors that may drive up the cost of your cabinet refacing project:

  • Choosing more decorative hardware, such as handles and knobs

 Cabinet refacing by Granite Transformations is fast and stress-free.

  • Adding cabinet organizers and accessories – such as a Lazy Susan, drawer partitions, or plate racks – just to name a few. Granite and TREND Transformations offers these organizational add-ons. Contact the store nearest you to learn more about these options.

Granite Transformations offers cabinet organizing partitions and shelves to make your dishes and utensils easy to reach

Manufactured wood

There are several types of manufactured wood that range in price and quality. The primary types used are listed below. Granite and TREND Transformations offers wood and MDF with RTF finish. These are the best quality options that offer the highest value.

  • Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is made from very small particles of crushed wood that’s compressed with resin into a board which offers a smooth surface that hold screws. It often comes with a rigid thermofoil (RTF) finish.
  • Particleboard is made the same way as MDF, although the wood particles it’s made with are larger. Particleboard is covered by a laminate or vinyl film. It’s best to check the grade of particleboard you’re getting, as lower grades are thin and can warp.
  • Plywood is made by bonding several layers of wood together using glue and pressure. Thicker plywood is used for the cabinet box sides, and thinner plywood is used for the backs. The right choice for you

Cabinet refacing is an excellent kitchen & bathroom update idea. Read our blog, “How to Know if Your Cabinets are a Good Candidate for Refacing” to see if your cabinets are ready. Here are some factors to keep in mind to determine if your cabinets are in good enough condition for a facelift:

  • You’re happy with the layout of your kitchen. Refacing can’t fix a bad design.
  • Your cabinet boxes are structurally sound.
  • Your cabinets don’t have any water damage, warping or broken frames.

 Hire a professional

Now that you know some of the advantages of cabinet refacing, it’s wise to hire a professional if you are considering this kitchen and bathroom update idea. Granite and TREND Transformations has a skilled team of professionals who are trained to get the job done right and fast. Schedule your free in-home design consultation today, and love your cabinets again!


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