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Facebook Isn’t the Only Social Media Platform for Businesses

Last Updated on January 23, 2012


There is no denying the impact of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter on the world today. Businesses now put their Facebook pages on commercials, celebrities Tweet their every move, and TV announcers have their Twitter handle displayed with their names. However, the overarching forms of social media aren’t the only successful sites these days.

Understanding that no site can truly compete with giants like Facebook and Twitter, many companies have begun developing niche social networking sites. In 2011 alone, we saw the growing popularity of Quora and Path; however, perhaps one of the best social niche networking sites that gained an impressive following by many individuals, but few businesses, is Pinterest.

Unlike other sites that are focused on sharing pieces of your life with other individuals, Pinterest is more focused on discovery learning through other site users. In essence, it is a way for users to further discover popular topics through pinning pictures to your boards.

There are numerous categories ranging from art to fashion by your favorite designer, and by clicking on one of these categories, you can access dozens of photos and how to tips to a countless number of things. If you find something inspiring, you can then pin it to one of your Boards for later ideas or projects.

For those looking to find new and exciting ideas in which to modernize or update their home, there has never been a better site. Pinterest is full of ideas for those who would like to spruce up their home, from do it yourself projects to those that require the help of a contractor. So whether you are looking to turn your den into a sophisticated library or simply want a new light fixture for your dining room, you will be able to find a plethora of ideas on Pinterest.

Even better, is that you can have it in an easy-to-share format through your pinboards. This way, if you need to show a specific design to others living in your home, painters, or a contractor, it is readily available.

Getting started on Pinterest is easy. First, set up your account. Next, you will be prompted to create your boards, here you have a list of topics that interest you, and all you need to do is title you boards with things that draw your interest. It is best to start small, don’t worry about having 15 to 20 boards, start with two or three and keep adding.

Once you have your boards, download the Pin It button and start saving items in a flash. To get the button, go to the “About” tab and follow the instructions to upload the button.

Pinterest is also good on the go, it now has apps for both iPhone and Android operating systems. This is great for those on the go or for home design professionals that may run into the perfect home and would like to document it for future design ideas. Just snap a few photos, upload them to your Pinterest app and you’re good to go!

This is a highly underrated form of social media. Consumers and businesses alike can benefit from the pictures posted. If a customer runs into a picture of the perfect kitchen combination, they can easily pin the photo and show it to a home designer, benefitting both parties. However, I do warn you, Pinterest can be quite addicting and you may lose a few hours of sleep over searching through all the amazing photos.

Maya Szydlowsky is a community manager for Veterans United Home Loans, the nation’s leading dedicated provider of VA home loans as well as news and information on veterans’ benefits.

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