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Expert Design Tips on How to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

Last Updated on January 6, 2020

Small spaces don’t always require big ideas. If you wish you had a bigger bathroom but simply don’t have the space for one, there are several ways that you can actually make your small bathroom feel larger than it actually is.

Whether you’re considering one or two changes or a total revamp, the ideas listed below are a great starting point to transform your small bathroom into a luxurious and modern retreat.

Vanities and Sinks

  • Furniture-Style Vanities: Choosing a furniture-style vanity, rather than one with cabinet doors, will keep the space light and airy and also leave plenty of room below for storage. Consider using decorative woven baskets to hold bathroom items.
  • Pedestal Sinks: Pedestal sinks are a great option when you’re tight on space or need to open up the space (but still need two sinks). Installing a pair of pedestal sinks is a modern way to create a space for two – without the closed in feeling of a double-sink vanity.
  • Corner Sink: For small square bathrooms, the best option is to position your vanity in the corner of the room and place an oval mirror above it. Installing matching sconces on either side (along with decorative towel rings) is the perfect touch for opening up your space and adding a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

Decorative Glass Mosaic Tiles

  • Glass Mosaic Tiles: Today’s homeowners are opting to invest in luxury by embellishing their small guest bathrooms with the elegance of glass mosaic tiles. Installing a dramatic feature wall of glass mosaic tiles creates a rich and elegant feel to your guest bathroom and will leave your guests feeling both welcome and impressed. Check out Granite Transformations’ broad selection of glass mosaic tiles.

Glass mosaic tile wall feature











  • Mosaic Tile Feature: One of the quickest and cleverest ways to update your bathroom is to swap out a few of your plain existing tiles and replace them with beautiful decorative glass mosaic tiles. You can choose to either scatter these tiles to create a feeling of whimsy, or arrange them in a creative design for a more sophisticated look. Whatever your style, adding a touch of glass mosaic is always a great way to go from simple to sensational.

Shower mosaic tile feature









  • Skylights and Solatubes: Nothing opens up a room better than natural light. Skylights help to bring the warmth of the sky into your bathroom all year round. Another option is to install solatubes (tubular daylighting devices, or TDDs), which also allow natural light into your bathroom. The placement of solatubes is similar to that of high-hat lighting. Depending on your ceiling space, only one or two solatubes may be needed to make all the difference.
  • Lighting Fixtures: A chandelier stamps a room with elegance. Swapping out a standard, traditional lighting fixture for a crystal or Tuscan-style chandelier is an easy way to add luxury and class to your small bathroom while bringing overhead lighting to your space.


  • Wall Mirrors: Installing a mirror that reaches the ceiling or covers an entire wall is the best way to create an illusion of grandeur and make the room’s proportions appear wider.

Wall mirrors to enlarge space











  • Strategic Placement: Since mirrors are made to reflect, it’s important to place your mirrors across from your bathroom’s best features (similar to a window with a scenic view or a beautiful wall hanging).

Place mirror across from best bathroom feature











Shelving and Doors

  • Recessed Shelving: Carving out a space for recessed shelving is a clever and resourceful use of the existing space in your bathroom. It not only gives character to the bathroom, but also allows for additional storage space!

Recessed shelving to save space











  • Glass Shelving: Glass shelves appear invisible when hung and offer a lighter feel than heavier wood shelving. Items placed on glass shelves tend to give the illusion that they are floating in the air, creating the perception of a more open space.
  • Glass Shower Doors: Toss the traditional shower curtain and opt for glass shower doors. Small bathrooms need the illusion of space, and glass shower doors can extend the depth perception of the room.

Glass shower doors make bathrooms feel bigger












  • Use Light Colors: Creating depth perception in a small bathroom is a key factor when it comes to making the space appear larger. Using light colors throughout and keeping everything in the same tone will keep the room looking streamlined, allowing for accent colors to take center stage.

Using light colors create the illusion of a larger space








We hope these tips have provided some insight on helping you make your small bathroom one of your favorite rooms in the house. Check out Granite Transformations’ bathroom remodeling services to see how we can help with your small bathroom makeover.

Schedule your free in-home consultation from Granite Transformations, where one of our design consultants will show you product samples, explain the process, and give you a free quote. We look forward to hearing from you!

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