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Escape The Heat

Escape the Heat This Summer

Last Updated on May 10, 2012

The month of May marks the beginning of summer, which means the start of backyard barbeques, family gatherings and pool side celebrations. But with gas prices continuing to rise this year, more and more families are opting for summer vacations close to home instead of traveling a long distance. This summer, explore your surroundings by hosting a “staycation” at your house. Invite friends and family and have a ball – your wallet will thank you!

With everyone coming to you this year, are you worried about those outdated guest bathrooms? Granite Transformations’ unique products and services are an ideal solution. No matter how small or large the space, Granite Transformations’ dedicated installation team can get the work done in only days, allowing your space to be ready for as many visitors as you would like. And with the sweltering heat that likely will take place this summer, it’s important to have a space that is inviting for house guests.

While the work is being complete by Granite Transformations’ experts, it will give you the perfect timing to plan out activities for your guests. You can never go wrong with water games and hot dogs cooking on the grill.

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