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Granite Countertops and the Law

Last Updated on January 6, 2020

Yesterday we outlined what’s typically involved in replacing your existing countertops with whole-slab granite. In addition to those hassles, there is another concern: the law.

When it comes to a home remodeling, some local laws require homeowners to secure a permit from a local office. While these laws are established to ensure that the homeowners are complying with building, electrical and other important safety codes, they provide a real hassle on the homeowners’ side: weeks of delay in a job, document-filings that are migraine-inducing, and possibly additional leakage from your wallet to get the job done properly – from both legal and technical perspectives. If you have experienced the nightmare of trying to secure any sort of legal permit, you certainly know what we are talking about.

These laws exist to ensure that all houses being renovated are in compliance with building & electrical codes set by local government; and thus, they are often tied to replacement of kitchen countertops as this kind of project often involves demolition and the placement of additional fixtures in the house.

Granite Transformations, on the other hand, does not involve any demolition; we simply adhere a new stone surface onto your existing countertop. The material and the method you choose would vary depending on personal preference and budget, but as long as you can install your countertop without having to demolish or make major changes, this is just one less step in your installation process.

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