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Does your bathroom need a makeover?

Last Updated on January 30, 2019

The bathroom is the second most utilized and important room in your home. As with anything that is utilized so often, it will show its age with chipped or loose tiles, or water damage. Take this quick quiz to find out if it is time to call Granite and Trend Transformations to remodel your bathroom.

Does it look outdated? Yes _____      No ______

Go from “the look” of your grandparent’s bathroom, to sleek and modern







Do you need more counter space? Yes _____      No ______

Expand the vanity space, with a double sink, which adds extra storage space underneath.







Is the grout or caulk changing colors? Yes _____      No ______


Grout changes color due to ‘hard water’ and harsh cleaners. Put a shine on the bathroom tiles, without ever having to worry about grout again.




Do you have cracked tiles in the shower? Yes _____      No ______

Professional installers, plus an impeccable product will guarantee that you never see cracks over time.








Does the lighting seem dull? Yes _____      No ______



Bring light into your bathroom, with light colored tiles and countertops. With many beautiful options to choose from, your bathroom will soon become your favorite room in your home.







Are you tired of cleaning a shower curtain?        Yes _____      No ______

Glass doors are easier to clean, as well as add a sleek look to the shower overall










Is the paint peeling or do you have water damage on the ceiling of the shower?                 Yes _____      No ______

 Not only is water damage unsightly, but growing mold can be harmful to your family. That is one issue you will not experience with a bathroom remodel from Granite and Trend Transformations.









If you answered “yes” to at least 5 of these, then it’s time for you to call Granite and Trend Transformations for a bathroom makeover. Make an appointment with a design consultant to revamp your current surroundings to the bathroom of your dreams.







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