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Shower Head

Creating a Luxury Showering Experience

Last Updated on November 16, 2011

Time spent in the shower should be enjoyable, relaxing and cleansing. In some homes however, showering is a dreaded task for a variety of reasons. A common cause of shower-phobia is the varying temperature – not being able to find the perfect balance between scolding hot and freezing cold. Another is the power of the water flow, a strong flow that beats down on the skin can be incredibly invigorating in the morning. Many showers however, fall short of this expectation and merely provide a feeble flow of water which doesn’t feel as cleansing.

If your showering experience is more of a chore than a pleasure, it’s time to give your bathroom a much needed makeover. If you strive for a luxurious home then the bathroom can be a great place to start. It’s the ultimate place for pampering and relaxation if you design it correctly. Follow these shower tips to ensure you never leave the bathroom deflated after an inadequate showering experience.


Showering can be such a pleasant experience that you just don’t want to get out! The steam that fills the air in your bathroom however, can damage its appearance as it can be the perfect breeding ground for unsightly mould and mildew. In order to enjoy your shower without worrying about the dreaded mildew, you need to ventilate sufficiently.

Extractor fans which can be operated by a switch are one of the most common ventilation supplements to the window. You generally switch them on before you jump in the shower and turn them off when you’ve finished. Some extractor fans continue to run for a set time after being turned off so you can leave the house without worrying about electricity waste. This can be an incredibly convenient ventilation method as leaving the windows open when you leave the house isn’t the best security mechanism.

Shower Heads

Power showers are notorious for wasting copious amounts of water, and with energy bills being high and global warming becoming an increasing concern, it’s seemingly possible to indulge in the perfect shower. Consequently, eco-friendly shower heads are being continually improved and manufactured to simulate the gush of a power shower using less water. This can help you to achieve the ultimate showering experience without adding to the shocking effects of climate change.

Curtain or Screen?

If your shower is situated above the bath you may realise you’ve compromised on the quality of your showering experience because it doesn’t have its own enclosure. Shower curtains are an absolute no-go in luxury bathrooms. They fail to keep the heat in as well as a shower screen or enclosure does and curtains often flap around as the shower spray beats on its surface, which can often result in water spraying all over the floor. Not only can this potentially ruin your bathroom floor, having a shower curtain stuck to your behind whilst showering isn’t the most pleasant experience.

Shower screens can help to restrain the water much more effectively than a shower curtain (plus they don’t stick to your rear!). They’re much easier to maintain too, a simple wipe down can prevent them from deteriorating or gathering mould. Plus, aesthetically they’re much more appealing and often transparent, or at best translucent, creating the illusion of space as light passes through.

Creating the ultimate showering experience can encourage you and your family to practice high standards of personal hygiene. As winter approaches, many people shy away from the thought of a shower and opt for a bath. With a luxurious shower you needn’t be drawn in by the prospect of a bath, you can happily take a shower instead – which is great for both convenience and the environment.

Written by Stephanie Staszko on behalf of Solar Choice and Solvis Energy Solutions who are dedicated to installing solar panels in a bid to combat climate change.

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