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Services Spotlight: Countertop Overlay

Last Updated on January 6, 2020

Everyone loves the look of stone countertops, especially the unique composite look of engineered granite. However, did you know how easy it is to get countertops like this in your own home?

1. Measure

After a free in-home consultation where a Granite Transformations countertop professional carefully measures your existing surfaces, we build a template to make sure we get every detail correct.

2. Build

Once you’ve chosen the color and style, we fabricate your new countertops in our shop. This means there’s no constructions noise, no dust, and no interruption in the operation of your current kitchen.

3. Install

A few days later, Granite Transformations returns with your beautiful custom-fit countertops. A professional countertop installer sets them in place, permanently bonds them to the old ones, and in just a few minutes, your old kitchen is new.

Even though our countertop overlay is thinner, lighter weight, and easier to install than slab granite, there’s no compromise, as it’s actually a superior surface: in addition to being virtually indestructible, check out the other advantages of Trend kitchen products.

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