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Construction and Remodeling Mishaps – Oh the Humanity!

Last Updated on October 13, 2010

In all of the crazy stories we hear from people who have hired remodelers who either botch the work or overcharge we forget to realize that some home remodelers simply have no business tinkering with your home sweet home. If you’ve ever seen an episode of America’s Funniest Home Videos chances are you’ve seen some hilarious construction mishaps. It’s truly stunning that something claimed to be your vocation, in this case construction, could be so fantastically botched. Well, we can take solace in knowing that we aren’t the purveyors of botched work and/or hilarious remodeling failures. We thought that in spite of that we’d bring you some joy at the expense of the lower echelon of construction professionals. Enjoy!

Astonishing. We’re surprised we didn’t see some wayward granite countertop salesman trying to lower a solid slab onto some shoddily slapped together cabinets. Alas, it was not included. Though that last video was certainly satisfying when it comes to falls, crashed, and collapses. Below, you’ll really need to evaluate your handyman skills before fixing up the house.

Roofing is a domestic task that takes a hearty dose of prerequisite elbow grease and a liberal amount of construction knowledge. Oh, and it also take coordination – something the man in this past video was devoid of.

Larger jobs need larger tools. An industrial loader is only brought in when lots of material needs moving and a large scale project is at hand. Yet, when you can’t even move dirt from one place to another, the chances you’ll be able to finish the job in any timely fashion.

In each of these videos we saw bumbling construction workers and remodelers botching jobs left and right. If you want to see what seamless work looks like just give us a call.

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