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Granite Transformations

Celebrity Style Kitchens from Granite Transformations

Last Updated on January 6, 2020

At Granite Transformations, we are proud of how our products have the power to completely transform your kitchen, bathroom or other area into a luxurious new space worthy of a multi-million dollar home. With our extensive line of quality granite countertops, recycled glass surfaces, mosaic tile and cabinet refacing services, we can help you complete your dream remodel inspired by a celebrity home.

One example is illustrated above, where you can see two similar kitchens: photo A is a kitchen with countertops and cabinetry from Granite Transformations, while kitchen B is in a home valued at $3 million, formerly owned by actress, reality star and author Tori Spelling.

As you can see, after installing our recycled glass countertop and refacing the cabinets in kitchen A, it is nearly identical to kitchen B. Our products also come with a lifetime warranty, giving you an unbeatable value for your home improvement project. Plus, because we often install our products over existing surfaces, our remodeling projects can be completed in as little as a day, eliminating messy and stressful demolition.

To learn how Granite Transformations can help give your home a luxurious remodel, schedule an in-home design consultation now.

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