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Cabinet Refacing On the Rise

Cabinet Refacing On the Rise

Last Updated on June 23, 2010

According to a report from the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University, annual spending on remodeling is expected to accelerate this year, with nearly 5 percent growth over 2009. In our case, cabinet refacing sales are already double the amount than its previous year as we find that an overwhelming amount of people who look into our services are swayed by the ease and convenience the method presents. This rapid growth is proof of the quality of the product.

Cabinet refacing , instead of cabinet replacing, is a quick and affordable way to remodel. Installation experts remove existing kitchen or bath cabinet doors, drawer fronts, glides and hardware and installs new ones at half the cost of cabinet replacement. When consumers choose to reface cabinets, they eliminate the need to reconfigure room designs, modify plumbing or wiring so projects are done fast and with minimal inconvenience. Make the decision one day, have the vision become reality within three.

Looks easy to assemble cabinets, right?
Looks easy to assemble cabinets, right?

“The estimated cost for a full cabinet replacing is between $15,000 and $40,000 depending on the scope of the project. Add in the time it takes for a traditional remodel, all the sawdust and debris, plus the money you spend eating out while your home is being renovated and you are left with a lengthy and expensive mess,” states Carl Griffenkranz, vice president of marketing for Granite Transformations. “Granite Transformations’ cabinet refacing is cost efficient and allows you to change the look of your kitchen or bath without the demolition and restructuring of your existing layout. Beyond convenience, they look beautiful and are really durable too.”

From rich mahogany finishes, to modern glass see-through models there’s a look for every style of home from classic Victorian to sharply modern. The product is durable, requires no maintenance beyond wiping the dust away every now and again, can be cleaned with soap and water. All work is done by our employees in just a couple of days, so no subcontractors are necessary, no unreliable workers.

It’s sort of funny how far the idea of home remodeling has come. At one time a remodeling job, one that seems minimal in scale, like cabinet replacement would be a massive undertaking. Removing wiring and plumbing connections, altering the frame of the house, and leaving no option but to relocate temporarily were norms. To think that in 3 days you can receive a product that is stronger and durable than the former, expensive option beings a smile to our faces, and hopefully it brightens the days of our customers, too.

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