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Budget Decorating: Same Furniture, New Look

Last Updated on October 13, 2011

With the eco-friendly movement underway, a lot of people are curious regarding how they can reuse different furniture and items to create new pieces for their home. Considering some different tips for these projects and what you can do to reclaim old pieces will help give you inspiration and reduce expenses. You can furnish and decorate a home entirely using used items for free or low cost items found at thrift stores. Opening your mind to the different options can help you create a great look that is unique and appropriate for a small budget.

Re-Upholstering Furniture

A great way to make a new piece for your home with little money is by re-upholstering a couch, ottoman, chair or other piece of furniture. Whether you find the piece for free on the curb or buy it at a great price, you may need to cover it with new fabric or replace cushions. The process of re-upholstering furniture is often very simple. All you need to do is rip off the old fabric, place new batting and foam and cover with the new fabric. This project should only take the course of an hour or two and be very cost efficient.

Using Fresh Coats of Paint

Applying new paint to a piece of furniture or accessory can make all the different in a home. Instead of thinking that a certain piece is destined for the trash due to an unflattering color or other details, look past imperfections and consider the possibilities. A dining table in an ugly color can be completely transformed with a light sanding, layer or primer and a few coats of new paint or stain. Finding old furniture and accessories can allow you to make a big different in the items and make them eye-catching again. As you look at the different pieces available for free or at thrift stores, it’s great to imagine what they can be turned into.

Learning How to Sew

Many women knew how to sew in the last century and it was often a vital part of life, but as time goes by it is becoming more uncommon. By learning how to sew properly, you can transform a variety of different pieces to fit into your home nicely. Repurposing different items found in thrift stores and covering them with new fabric can create an entirely new look that ties in nicely. A lot of people fail to see the potential in certain used furniture due to outdated fabric. Learning how to sew will allow you to create pillow cases, slip covers and other articles that can help you slip easily into the DIY world.

Understanding the different methods for recovering old furniture and accessories can help you decorate on a tight budget. By giving a new look to old pieces, you can reduce expenses and give your home a unique style. Not only is saving money great, many people also love knowing that they are the ones who gave different furniture and accessories new life. This can help items have a sentimental value and be more appreciated in a home.

Article contributed by Sara Woods, a writer for Coupon Croc, your number one resource for online voucher codes to save on decor, furniture and everything you need to redecorate.

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