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Could Use A Little More Pruning, but The Idea Is There

Breaking Out of the Winter Funk

Last Updated on January 6, 2020

April showers are just around the corner now, but in most places it is still feeling like winter has a firm hold on the weather. What better way to break out of a winter funk than by getting together plans for an updated patio or outdoor space? Nothing says spring has arrived like a classic barbecue with neighbors and friends. Make sure your backyard is looking up to par now so you will be free to enjoy it all summer long.

If your patio has seen better days, spruce it up with new granite surfacing or mosaic tile work. Sleek stone tiles provide a modern utilitarian look to outdoor spaces whether they’re used as flooring or on countertops. There’s nothing like flipping burgers on a new grill built into a tiled outdoor kitchen to make you the talk of the town. For a more natural look, flank your barbecue with granite counters that provide durable and lasting work space to prep everything from hotdogs to kebabs. Because of granite’s natural hardness, it will resist deterioration in outdoor spaces, ensuring a beautiful surface for years to come.

For those that aren’t the grilling type, glass mosaic tiles can be added to existing walls or patio surfaces to create a one-of-a-kind look for your entertaining space. Glass tiles are available in a seemingly endless array of colors and combinations, meaning you can have a truly customized appearance that fits with your lifestyle. Tiles made of glass are naturally frost-proof, meaning they can be used in almost any climate without fear of damage.

Taking into the yard - a novel idea.
Taking into the yard – a novel idea.

Glass’s water-proof nature also makes it a prime tool for jazzing up a backyard pool or spa. Schedule a consultation today with an installation expert to ensure your pool will be belly-flop ready by the time temperatures start warming up. Mosaic tiles can turn a boring, plain looking cement pool into a tropical paradise, complete with custom imagery embedded in the surface. These tiles can often be installed with no demolition, meaning you will have a beautiful new pool with minimal dirt and dust. An enticing pool not only provides a tropical escape for your family during the summer heat, but also raises your home’s value down the line.

Beyond a hardware upgrade, simply adding a fresh coat of paint to existing patio furniture or planting new shrubbery can be an easy way to transform the look of your backyard in the course of an afternoon. Bright colored accents outdoors in the form of shade umbrellas or even exotic plants instantly update an otherwise dark area.

Bringing indoor style to your backyard.
Bringing indoor style to your backyard.

The options for refurbishing or building entirely new outdoor areas are seemingly endless when it comes to granite and tile options. By starting the planning phase of your project now, you wow your friends by hosting a Memorial Day block party in your brand new backyard.

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