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Best Indoor Low-Maintenance Plants for Your Kitchen

Last Updated on April 17, 2017

Indoor plants are a beautiful way to add life to your kitchen this spring, bringing a touch of nature into your home. Don’t have a green thumb? We recommend four indoor low-maintenance plants below that will thrive in your kitchen with just a little TLC.


This succulent indoor low-maintenance plant is most commonly known for its soothing gel to treat cuts and burns, making it the perfect first-aid plant to have in your kitchen for those knife or oven mishaps. Aside from its medicinal benefits, the aloe plant grows best in dry soil, so you may only have to water it every two or three weeks. It does well at a room temperature of 70°F and thrives on sunlight. So, pick a sunny spot in your kitchen and watch the aloe plant grow.

Aloe plant


Jade is a low-maintenance succulent that makes a great indoor plant. Whether it’s planted alone in a beautiful pot or paired with other succulents, jade’s thick, lush leaves and unique branches add interest to any room. And since it’s a “slow-grower,” your jade plant has the potential to be with you for many years. Just make sure it’s exposed to bright light and average room temperature. And as for watering, use the touch test and water it when the top of the soil feels dry.

Jade plant

Rabbit’s Ear

This low-maintenance indoor plant gets its name from its “fuzzy” leaves that resemble rabbit’s ears. The leaves’ hairy characteristics help prevent water from evaporating from the plant, making rabbit’s ear a good choice for a low-maintenance indoor house plant.

Rabbit's Ear plant

Spider Plant

Spider plants have been adorning homes for years and their popularity is still thriving. This easy-to-grow indoor plant has the unique ability to produce “pups” (or small plantlets) that can be rooted in potting soil, thus making additional plants. There are different varieties of spider plants to choose from. They prefer evenly moist soil and thrive in a room temperature ranging from 60-75°F in bright or medium light. If you’re short on counter space, they work great as a hanging plant!

Spider plant

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