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An Acrylic Bathtub Surrounded By Mosaic Tiling

Bathroom Style

Last Updated on November 10, 2011

These days there is so much choice in bathroom suites, bathroom vanities and the general look of the room, that your bathroom style can be as individual as you like. Even the smallest bathroom can be personalised with a bit of ingenuity. Most people will tell you that you shouldn’t have strong colours in a small bathroom, but if you have mirrored surfaces on vanities and cupboard doors they will give the illusion of space.

If your existing bath and wash basin are showing signs of wear then you may want to think about resurfacing and any other bath repairs. While some people prefer the size and shape of a hotel style bath, there are others who crave for a majestic bath with claw feet. Warm up a tiled floor in your bathroom with a bright rug as this looks fantastic with a large, centrally placed bath.

Keep your shower cabinet looking good and make sure you have any shower repairs undertaken as soon as you notice a problem. No matter how great your shower looks from the outside, a crack in the tray will soon spoil your style.

Don’t Suffer the Wash Basin Blues

A scratched and cracked wash basin will spoil the whole look of your bathroom. Don’t run the risk of having a leaking basin in your bathroom, get it repaired and resurfaced before any real problems occur. An open plan style, ensuite bathroom, with a centrally placed bath and twin sinks against one wall makes the most of your available space.

The style and state of repair of your wash basin can make or break your bathroom style. In a small bathroom a corner fitted basin may be the best choice, while a bigger bathroom may demand a basin with a full vanity underneath. Veneers have been a popular choice in many kitchens for a good number of years and more recently these are being introduced into bathrooms.

Which Loo is for You?

You may like the look of a small, compact toilet, but some of these are also very low and may be uncomfortable for some people to sit on. When you are choosing a loo, you need to make sure that it fits well with your chosen bath and basin style

If you have chosen an oblong, almost butler style sink for your bathroom, then you may want to consider an angular loo with a deep, square bowl. Black bath surrounds are now back in style and you may want to match this with a similarly styled loo.

Short on Storage Space?

If your bathroom is short on space for storing spare toiletries and extra towels, then small wash basins fitted into a double vanity will give you plenty of room underneath. It’s possible to get some good quality stacking storage units in a variety of materials and colours to suit most bathroom styles.

Once you’ve settled on the bathroom style that’s right for you, regular maintenance checks will save you money in the long run. Get bath repairs done on damaged surfaces as soon as you spot a problem and your bath will look as good as new.

This post was written by James Harper on behalf of Hometech who provide bath repairs and shower repairs. James writes on subjects relating to home improvements.

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