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Large Bathroom Mirror

Bathroom Makeover- Details Make a Big Difference

Last Updated on December 6, 2011

When planning your bathroom remodel, what are the items on your list? You probably first consider flooring, the countertops, walls and lighting. But did you even consider the small details, such as the mirror? The dimensions and type of mirror in your bathroom influence the larger decorating theme in the room.

Let’s use the lighting for example.

When arranging your task lighting, what do you arrange it around? You arrange it based on your mirror. Task lighting is the most important type of lighting in your bathroom. It does the job of illuminating your head and face. This lighting is necessary for day-to-day grooming. Your mirror is the centerpiece of your grooming needs in the bathroom. Without the mirror, the task lighting serves no purpose. What about side lighting? Again, all based on the mirror. The side lighting gets rid of shadows under the eyes, nose, chin and cheeks. The placement of the side lighting is set on the distance from the mirror.

Your mirror also reflects and accentuates the chosen design style. A few different options include:

  • Victorian: If you decide on a Victorian style bathroom, you might want an old, polished metal mirror with a heavy oak frame to fit the motif, such as a Grandezza- or Naples- style frame.


  • Traditional: For a Traditional style bathroom, an embossed cherry Bellemeade frame would accentuate the mirror and give wonderful accents to your warm, rich-colored bathroom.


  • Modern: For a Modern style bathroom, which uses shades like stainless steel, white and black, a mirror framed in a Soho-style frame or Pacifica silver sheen would bring the room together. You could even go with a simple white Permaquid frame.


Lastly, and as was briefly touched on before, your mirror keeps you looking your best. It can also take up very little room to implement. Without a mirror, grooming would be nearly impossible. How would you give yourself a quick trim or makeup touch-up? Why not look at yourself in something equally pleasing to look at?

This guest blog post was written by MirrorMate Frames®, which offers custom cut mirror kits to attach beautiful frames to boring, builder grade mirrors. This mirror framing system, frequently used on bathroom wall mirrors, can be installed in 20 minutes and come in over 65 different frame styles to complement any type of décor.

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