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Bathroom Design Trends for 2018

Last Updated on March 5, 2018

Today’s homeowners are soaking up the latest bathroom designs as they are seeing the space in a whole new light. Let’s be honest. A bathroom has its purpose and we all spend time there. That’s why this year, we’re seeing bathrooms taking center stage. Homeowners are making bathrooms their personal sanctuaries, designed with touches of luxury, elegance and convenience.

Whether you’re looking to refresh your bathroom or take on a total renovation, here are some of the latest bathroom designs for your home, courtesy of TREND and Granite Transformations. Check out some of the top trends for 2018.

Warm Palettes

Warm bathroom design palette

Imagine having a spa-like experience in your home – every day. It’s possible and can be accomplished just by switching up your bathroom color-scheme. Warm tones of grey, brown and white are topping the list as the perfect palette for creating a soothing space.

Bold Walls and Floors

Create a focal point to set the tone

You spend time and money decorating your home, choosing floors, paint colors and furniture. But do you give your bathroom the same amount of attention? Just as you would choose a striking piece of art for your living room, make a statement in your bathroom with bold mosaic tile walls and floors. Here, mosaic tile creates a dramatic focal point to set the tone for the space. Don’t have the budget to tile your whole shower surround? A simple vertical or horizontal mosaic tile inlay can add a feeling of elegance and sophistication. The shower pictured above features Liberty Diamond mosaic tile. Like what you see? Check out the other mosaics that TREND and Granite Transformations have to offer.

Unique, Geometric Tile Shapes and Designs

Parallels 2 from the TREND Immense Collection

Bathrooms don’t have to be boring. And you don’t have to go all out or break the bank to jazz them up. Using geometric shapes and colors in a small area, instead of traditional square ones, opens a world of design possibilities. Hexagonal tiles have become a popular bath remodel idea since they combine seamlessly with nearly any design aesthetic and create eye-catching looks to match your unique personal style. Are you ready to step outside of your comfort zone? Featured in the bathroom pictured above is Parallels 2 from our Immense™ series by TREND.

Organic Materials

Organic wood for bathroom vanity

Organic materials are part of today’s latest bathroom designs as their natural elements can bring a sense of relaxation and well-being to the room. Bamboo or treated wood are becoming the norm since homeowners are seeking to create a refuge for peace and serenity.

Technology Rules

Smart technology in the bathroom

Technology follows us wherever we go – and that includes into our bathrooms. Whether you’re watching TV in the vanity mirror, adjusting your digital showering system or listening to music via Wi-Fi, homeowners want the convenience and luxury to stay connected wherever they are – even in the bathroom.

Marble is King

Granite Transformations' Carrara quartz from the Classic Marble Collection

Marble has been used for centuries, so it’s no surprise it has stood the test of time as one of the top bathroom design trends for the home. Designers love marble for its high-end look and the luxurious feel it brings to the space. Whether you use touches of marble in your bathroom or go all out, it can be used to bring beauty to floors, showers, vanities, and even sinks. Featured in the bathroom above is Carrara from our Classic Marble Collection. Made from a mix of quartz and glass, Carrara is perfect for bathroom use because it is nonporous and stain, mold and mildew-resistant – unlike real marble.

Minimalistic Design for Small, Urban Bathrooms

Minimalistic bathroom

Bigger isn’t always better. Some homeowners find themselves downsizing – but cutting back on space doesn’t mean you have to cut back on luxury. In fact, with a smaller bathroom, you can splurge on higher-end materials while maintaining a beautiful minimalistic look.

 Bathroom Trends Watch List for 2018

If you’re not ready for a total bathroom renovation but still want to keep up with what’s happening, keep your eyes on the lookout for this year’s bathroom trend watch list. Try one or more of these bath remodeling ideas to get the look you want:

  • Round mirrors
  • Wall-mounted faucets and fixtures
  • Throw rugs
  • Furniture in larger bathrooms
  • Plants
  • Shelf above the tub
  • Floating vanities
  • Brass
  • Freestanding tubs
  • Creative lighting and lighting fixtures for a soothing feel.

Contact us today to see how easy it is to transform your bathroom with TREND and Granite Transformations. View the bathroom section of our Design Inspiration gallery for more ideas and to see more of our products in action.

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