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Bathroom Wallpaper

Bathroom Art

Last Updated on November 15, 2011

The bathroom has always been quite a difficult space to decorate, purely because of what it is actually there for. People traditionally took quite a conservative approach to the design elements within bathrooms, which means that they ended up with a room that felt like a guest house. There was also the idea to make the bathroom as luxurious as possible to try and cover up its functions, but this just ended up in sickeningly ornate, busy rooms that seemed to fit in the Roman Empire – you know the type of bathroom, where every open space is covered in a trinket or splash of colour. It seems that the world of artistic design and functional bathrooms could never again meet, but with the return of simple decorating ideas, you can find a balance that will please all of your guests, and encourage you to take the step that your bathroom might need. Here are a few design trends that you could bring in to your bathroom to get the effect that you want.


Over the last five years wallpaper has come back into the world of design in a big way. Gone are the days of hideous, flat prints – you can now get great customized wallpapers that are bathroom friendly. You now have the choice to create texture, use strips, print out blown up images or mix and match to create an interesting and artistic effect. I suggest that you consult a professional if this sounds good to you. You will need to get the right kind of wallpaper for the wet conditions, and professional installation of artistic wallpaper is a must. The great thing is that you can literally create any atmosphere you want, so consider a fun portrait of an elephant spraying water (if you have children), a calming forest, or an old school newspaper print for interest.


I saw a bathroom the other day that absolutely blew me away. One of the walls was covered in stylishly framed photographs of the friends and family of the couple that own the home. At first I thought it was some kind of wall of shame, but in actual fact the photos created a sense of fun. The possibility of distraction is also a useful tool if your bathroom is not the biggest. Try adding one or two tasteful pieces to create interest and add a personal twist.

This guest post was written by freelance writer Victoria.

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