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Back Yard Fun: Creating a Space to Entertain

Last Updated on January 3, 2020


Every homeowner wants to utilize all the space in their home. If you are planning to entertain, consider where you want to entertain and how. The back yard of a home is a great space for everything from weddings to parties and even just Sunday barbecues. When planning to build your back yard space, there are many different designs you can choose from or create. If you are unsure where to start, take these tips into consideration.


One of the many mistakes made by homeowners is their choice in outside surfaces. With all of the furniture exposed to the elements, choosing the wrong surfaces can prove expensive as you are constantly replacing them. Choose surfaces that are design and built for outside enjoyment. Stone, brick, granite, and plastic are great choices for outside building materials. This will make it easy to clean and maintain so you can enjoy this space for years.

Choose the Purpose:

Deciding on what you want to use your back yard for is as important as the design itself. If you are planning to host parties, barbecues or weddings, you want to setup your space accordingly. Get the essentials for your plans. If you’re planning on Sunday grilling, don’t be afraid to spend a bit more than the usual propane grill. Extravagantly built barbecue pits and grills can give the space purpose and a focal point. If you are planning a space for your children to play while you relax and enjoy the weather, large playgrounds and chaise loungers may be what you need.

Choose Low Maintenance Landscaping:

Between work and family, many homeowners are limited on time. Choosing low maintenance gardening can provide the ambience you seek without all the maintenance conventional gardening requires. Artificial grass, drought resistant plants, and simple lush bushes can offer year round enjoyment without the year round maintenance. This will also assure your yard always looks its best regardless of the occasion.

Choose Appropriate Lighting:

You don’t want the party to end as soon as the sun goes down. Choosing lighting that will keep your yard safe and well lit is very important for night time fun. With many designs to choose from, you can match the style of lighting with the theme of your backyard. Tiki torches, paper lanterns and bamboo fixtures are a great fit for tropical themes. Sleek lamps, track lighting, and stylish flood lights can give it more of a modern feel.

Add Privacy:

Many hosts appreciate privacy for their guests. If you have the average suburban home with close neighbors, you may want to think about providing privacy for your guests. There are many ways to provide cover for any event you host. Some choose tall wooden fences, some choose large stone walls, and others choose lines of tall trees that surround the yard. Choose the method that closely resembles your design and blends with the décor. Having your privacy option blend into the surrounding design will eliminate the prison walls feel and still offer your guests the ambience you are aiming for.

Utilizing all the space in your home is a great way to offer entertainment and memories. When you choose to include your yard in your dream home design, take into consideration all the aspects of outdoor needs. Great materials, lighting and privacy are pertinent to creating a space to enjoy for years to come.

As a landscape authority Jonathan Williams writes for Gorilla Grass, a popular Australian supplier of quality artificial grass for your home or business.

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