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Vetro Moretti

Ask The Designer!

Last Updated on November 8, 2011

Q: My cabinets are white, I have hardwood floors that are medium brown and the walls are red. We have an open concept which looks into the living room with taupe walls and earth tones with several red highlights.  I am leading towards Lago Ambra, Terra Ombra or Sachi with browns, black and beige …any advice on which one to choose?

A: Out of the three you have selected, I would also recommend Vetro Moretti, which is more of a solid color but has depth and variation in the dark brown colors. If you like the tone of Lago Ambra, I would also consider Amarone, which has a richer maroon tone.  To see what these colors would look like in your kitchen, you can download the new iGRANITE iPad application for free, take a picture of your kitchen and then select the various countertop colors and see which design you like best.

To submit your own questions for Samara, email her! Include a picture and we will iGRANITE your kitchen or bath for you.

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