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Upholstered Bathtub How Cozy, No?

Artistic Inspiration at its Best

Last Updated on June 8, 2010

Have you ever stepped into a home and thought to yourself ‘WOW, how did they ever come up with this design?’ It happens quite a bit to me, as I just can’t seem to think as creatively as some of my artistically adept friends. No matter; I get to gander at their designs all I want, knowing that I didn’t have to shell out the cost to produce it. So in a weird, unsatisfied way I get the last laugh (sort of)! Maybe I just don’t receive the inspiration necessary to plan out such beautiful interior design arrangements. That’s why I hope these wonderfully creative bathroom designs serve as some sort of creative muse for you and yours.

Don’t want to lose even one iota of comfort when you schlep your body from the couch to the bathtub? Well in this home, the bathroom is so plush it may even exceed the comforts of the living room. Does an upholstered, overstuffed bathtub sound like you’re kind of relaxation? It certainly doesn’t seem stressful.

Why leave bathing strictly to the bathroom? Allow yourself to incorporate your bath or Jacuzzi experience with the rest of your home. As this picture suggests, the whole atmosphere exudes calm. The books lining the side of the tub, the short steps to the grassy yard. Allowing you’re the best elements of your bathroom to spill out and mesh with the flow of your house can have some unexpected, gorgeous results.

Pure relaxation.
Pure relaxation.

We talk a great deal about mosaics over here at Granite Transformations, but this one might just take the cake. At first glance it looks to be a screened off window directly next to the beach, but upon further inspection it is, in fact, simply mosaics! This is truly thinking well outside the box to achieve an extravagant bathroom design.

Doesn't look like a shower at first glance.
Doesn’t look like a shower at first glance.

Is living in reality becoming something of a bore? Why not take yourself back to childhood, or wherever else you dreamt of living a life of excess and extravagance. With this bathtub you don’t have to think very hard to imagine the Cinderella-like situation you’ve placed yourself in. Taking a bath in a silver slipper. Enough said.

A fairy tale bath experience? Perhaps.
A fairy tale bath experience? Perhaps.

Now this one is just cool. Combining all the oceanic goodness of an in-home aquarium with the cleaning power and prowess of a sink into one awesome package, this one part aquarium one part sink does it all. We’ve seen people go with the beach house look for bathrooms in their landlocked homes, but this design truly takes the cake.

What kid (adults too!) wouldn't love this?
What kid (adults too!) wouldn’t love this?

So next time you need a dose of creative juice to jumpstart your remodeling process just check back here, we’ll keep you well informed.

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