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Art Deco Kitchen Design

Art Deco Kitchens & Bathrooms

Last Updated on January 27, 2012

Thinking of remodeling your kitchen or bathroom? Consider renovating in an art deco style. Art deco’s clean, neat, yet highly decorative style is perfectly suited for the kitchen or bath. Remodeling your kitchen in the art deco style now will put you ahead of the trend. Next year a remake of The Great Gatsby is being released and like Mad Men fueled the revival of mid-century modern, Gatsby is predicted to do the same for deco.

Art deco style has roots in Paris in the 1920. The style flourished through the 30’s, spreading internationally and making a big impact in America. The style influenced all manner of design including architecture, fashion and jewelry, film, and interiors. Art deco represented modern glamour and elegance. It drew influence from Egyptian and Aztec forms and placed an emphasis on symmetry, geometrical shapes and is very linear. This was a refreshing, modern departure from its predecessor, art nouveau. Unlike other design movements in the 20th century, art deco came about without political or philosophical beginnings.

This style was truly decorative, though not indulgent. Many of the materials that were once considered “luxury” were starting to be mass produced and so they became available to more people. Common materials for art deco include: chrome, stainless steel, lacquer, and Bakelite.

Art Deco Bathroom Design

Deco is perfect for the kitchen and bath because it embraces the spirit of luxury while keeping things sleek. Characteristic of this style are all things that sparkle and shine. The sheen of polished black granite countertops in the kitchen or bathroom is well suited for this style. Add in a few extras like stainless steel appliances and chrome details and the kitchen is well on the way to being decked out in deco. It’s easy to keep things shining in the bathroom with glossy porcelain, chrome hardware, and mirrors.

For the kitchen, consider graphic, geometric details. When selecting cabinets, look for something with embellishments like thick borders, or other linear accents. Lighting is another important consideration in the kitchen, especially if you entertain. Finding genuine art deco era fixtures is not difficult and will lend an air of authenticity to the space. Be sure to install proper lighting over the work areas and opt for something with a little more drama for the seating area.

Chandeliers and other crystal accents make a bathroom feel much more glamorous, and resonates with the feeling of the art deco era. But as much as this style represents glitz and glam, it is also very functional so keep other decorative accents to a minimum.

As for color in either room, keep things mostly neutral and let the materials and accents shine. Pick one accent color and make it unique. Consider using a metallic like a rich gold or a dramatic eggplant tone.

Don’t forget to plan for some period art work or accessories. Hang a poster print in a simple frame to jazz up the walls a bit. If you want to add a rug to make the room feel cozier, opt for something with a bold geometric print or something a little more luxurious, like zebra stripes!

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