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Granite Bathtub

Applying Granite in the Bathroom

Last Updated on November 4, 2011

Applying granite tiles and surfaces in the bathroom is a fantastic way of contrasting colours and textures if done correctly. Choosing the right shade and style of granite surfaces can be a huge pay off when combined with the right fixtures, colours and decoration. The first thing you may notice when you come to choosing the right type of granite textures and colours for your bathroom is that there are a range of products available. Be it smaller tiles, useful for lining the side of your bath and breaking up colours, larger tiles which are ideal for covering a large surface area on walls and floors, or granite surfaces and fixtures to match your chosen colour scheme. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at the types of granite available to you and how they can be applied stylishly in your bathroom!

Bathrooms are one of the rooms in our homes with which we can truly impress family and guests, and by combining modern colours with stylish sink, bath, or shower models we can really add that ‘wow’ factor. Consider shopping around to find some matching granite fixtures such as luxurious and fashionable granite basins and sinks, this can help to give your colour scheme more consistency and certainly a touch of class. Apply this thinking to shower enclosures too; modern and well fitted granite tiles combined with the large panes of glass on your shower can look fantastic. Highlight these features with some well positioned lighting to give your luxurious bathroom a warm, comforting glow.

Darker granites such as the Nero range found in stock at Granite Transformations can look great when combined with rich, vibrant colours as well as contrasting it with whites and creams. For example, in the summer you may choose to re-colour the upper section on your wall with a fresh mint green; darker shades of granite can accompany such a dynamic colour with ease.

As the winter season approaches, you may choose to switch to warming colours such as creams and beiges. These can be matched with darker granite textures just as well but may benefit from a lighter shade if you are looking to bring more light into the room. Finally, consider the colour of your bathroom flooring beforehand; if you are interesting in purchasing granite tiles for your Bathroom Suite then this could truly be the icing on the cake. Matching the colour and texture of your granite wall tiles with granite flooring can bring the entire room together, and give you a fantastic looking room to relax and unwind in.

Written by Daniel Travis-Brown on behalf of Bathshop 321. Follow him on twitter @DanTravisBrown

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