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Robert Therrien's Oversized, Properly Scaled Furniture

A Little Bit of Alice in Wonderland

Last Updated on September 1, 2010

Sometimes we have to sit back and remember that when people remodel they want the finished product to reflect their own interests, their own personality. The design, or re-design, of a home is something that takes creativity and imagination. Building a kitchen or bathroom should be something that is enjoyable, something that brings the owner great joy beyond the functional benefit. This is why when we see something of creative integrity, rife with originality, we want to commend it. In this case the design is less than functional, so to speak, but eye catching regardless.

Los Angeles based designer Robert Therrien has come up with the idea for oversized, properly scaled furniture. The pictures certainly look surreal. The craftsmanship he employs certainly sells his vision. In an Alice in Wonderland like twist, he seems to have created something, as impractical as it , that is can’t-look-away amazing.

Lounging amongst giants.
Lounging amongst giants.
They have to put something on those giant tables.
They have to put something on those giant tables.
Surreal art in the "wild".
Surreal art in the “wild”.

Truly amazing stuff. As you can see he placed some of his works in a public park, dwarfing the peasant-like regular sized furniture below. We love seeing stuff like this. If any of our readers know of similar projects or designs don’t hesitate to share!

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