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The Revamped English River Boat.

A Kitchen Fit for Poseidon

Last Updated on January 3, 2020

We spend a great deal of time on our blog talking about homes, way to upgrade homes, other people’s homes that we think are notably attractive, and basically anything else you could think of that can be neatly filed under the keyword “home.” Well today is your lucky day, especially if you’re someone who prefers the nautical lifestyle to one bound by yards, sidewalks, and driveways.

Our friends down in Miami run a pretty tight ship (pun…intended!) at their Granite Transformations franchise they’ve so wonderfully cultivated down there. Being such a sea-faring region of the country they receive more than just your typical home, apartment, and commercial queries. In these particular cases, the boys down in Miami hooked up some lucky boaters with posh, ocean-ready kitchens.

The compact, but well appointed river boat kitchen.
The compact, but well appointed river boat kitchen.

One customer approached us with a need to upgrade the interior of his old English river boat and we couldn’t have been happier to do it. The green boat, though unassuming, proved the perfect platform to create an intimate preparation space within the cabin. Building on the cedar accents on the outside of the boat, our GT guys installed some gorgeous cedar cabinets along with a simple gray countertop. The result was a simple, clean kitchen that looked nothing like a typical ship-bound kitchen.

Let us celebrate this remodeling success.

The Miami franchisee also took the GT look to a slightly larger cabin, combining industrial elements with a sleek, perhaps more oceanic base. First off, the space to work with was larger – certainly not the linear structure of the English river boat. The juxtaposition of the existing port holes with the tan/gray countertop and wall surround made for a nice old and new feel that kept all the charm of the working man’s galley with the updated feel of a GT kitchen. Obviously this kitchen can handle a little bit more.

A king sized kitchen floating out in the surf.
A king sized kitchen floating out in the surf.

So next time you’re thinking of re-doing the kitchen or bathroom, don’t stop there. We can do your boat, your train (not sure how many private trains people are rolling around in these days, though)… your plane even! Hell, if you’ve got a hot air balloon with kitchen space we’ll transform it into the kitchen of your dreams . What I’m trying to say it, essentially, this: if you have an idea or a dream for a new kitchen or bathroom – regardless of where the idea is coming from or is meant for – we can help you realize it.

Who needs a backsplash when you've got portholes?
Who needs a backsplash when you’ve got portholes?

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