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Peacock Loop Diner located in St. Louis

A Granite Transformation: The Peacock Loop Diner in St. Louis

Last Updated on November 2, 2014

Granite Transformations, a division of Trend Group, is proud to announce their involvement in a $1 million renovation of the Peacock Loop Diner, a 5,000 square foot retro-style diner located in the Loop section of St. Louis. Situated near the Moonrise Hotel, the Peacock Loop Diner is defined by locals as the ultimate 24-hour destination. With high-end design and a unique spin on traditional diner fare, this popular establishment was the first 24-hour diner to open in the area – serving breakfast, lunch, late-night dinners and a bonus full-service bar with spiked milk shakes!

Peacock Loop Diner under construction in St. LouisIn conjunction with Paric Construction and the architectural firm Kiku Obata & Company, Granite Transformations countertop material was specified in February to bring the diner to a whole new level of sophistication and charm. The unique horseshoe-shaped counters situated throughout the diner posed a design challenge when it came to choosing the right countertop materials to fit the project. Lead designer Carly Meyer and architect Kevin Flynn said they ultimately chose Trend Bianco Spizzio recycled glass countertops* as the surface for the project because of its clean look, vast color selection and the ability to easily craft the material into the horseshoe shape. The Trend countertops were able to achieve the retro-modern look that the owners were looking for. Collectively, the architects, designers and general contractor stated they were impressed not only with the professionalism and quality of the workmanship, but the level of detail that was achieved on the project.

Loop civic leader and developer Joe Edwards fulfilled his vision for the Peacock Diner with a double-sided sign weighing 1,800 pounds and depicting a brilliant blue peacock head, measuring 11 feet wide by 7 feet high, rising above extravagant fan-shaped tail feathers. Designed by his daughter, Hope Edwards, a professional graphic designer, along with input from Kiku Obata & Company, this unique piece of artwork was then transformed into the actual sign by Piros Signs, a third-generation company.

“People ask me why I call this diner the Peacock,” said Edwards. “I felt this beautiful bird would appeal to people from all over the country and the world. The Loop is such a melting pot of ages, ethnicities and ideas, and a peacock symbol seemed to be a perfect match for this diverse area.”

Granite Transformations would like to thank Paric Construction, Kiku Obata & Company and everyone involved in the project for the opportunity to be a part of local history in the renovation of the Peacock Loop Diner. We are honored that our products fit the unique demands of such a vast and rewarding project. And this is just the beginning; Granite Transformations will be partnering with Paric Construction and Kiku Obata & Company for several upcoming commercial projects in the area.

For more information on the Peacock Loop Diner, please visit their website:

*Made from pre-consumer recycled glass content.

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