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Make Your Luxurious Bathroom All That It Can Be

Top 10 Bathroom Remodeling Trends of the Fall

Last Updated on January 3, 2020

In recent years master bathrooms have been looking more like the Caracalla Baths than a simple set of porcelain installations ready to be used for our various degrees of freshening. These colossal master bathrooms have been slowly sauntering back into the home remodeling conversation, especially as the economy looks to rise from late 2000’s ashes. Let’s take a look at what is calling the top 10 bathroom trends of the season.

Large, Spa-like Showers: Less and less time is being spent soaking in small, drain-in-the-back tubs. A lot of bathroom remodelers have opted for much more open and spacious shower setup, ripping out the tub in the process. Hinged doors and semi-open designs are also cutting into the formerly standard sliding glass door and curtain market. When you want a spa like experience, but only want to go a few steps from your bed this renovation is a great option.

Soaking Tubs, No more Jets: Some people still need a good soak to soothe those work-worn muscles. During the 1980’s and 90’s installing large, powerful Jacuzzi-style tubs in the master bathroom was all the rage. Now, a less noisy, more serene option is being installed at a higher clip: soaking tubs. A deep, body length soaking tub can be elegant, take up less room, require less maintenance, and still supply hot water soaking with the best of them.

Broad Windows: No more porthole windows and frosted, half-open excuses for windows. Put in some lofty skylights and big, pane-less windows to let the sun soak your increasingly spa-like bathroom. It allows plants to grow – should you choose to place some there – and lets you soak up the sun (or the moonlight) if you’re soaking in a tub or refreshing yourself with a shower.

A Steam Room: This might seem like a larger luxury than most bathrooms can handle, but it’s reasonable…honest! You first need to create the proper environment for a steam room to be effective. These environmental features include a floor drain, a sloped ceiling, a seat (you’ll want one), granite, mosaic, or tile covering the walls, and a vapor tight door. You can purchase a steam room system for anywhere between $1500 to $5000. Some even come with remote controls, so you can rev it up on your way to the bedroom – less wait time to get the steam flowing.

Private Toilet: It’s becoming a classy choice for the bathroom of tomorrow: walled off toilets. This allows you to take care of business while leaving the rest of the bathroom as a place to, well, take a bath. It offers inconspicuous toilet time in the heart of your master bath, tucked away from view, and comfortably private.

Dueling Vanities: This is nothing really new. Having dueling vanities makes sense for a couple of reasons. It separates the mess between spouses and creates a much larger space to act as a centerpiece for your bathroom, doubling the mirror size and sink access in the process. It’s a luxurious mix of both necessity and elegance. A good choice every time.

Hot, Hot Heat: Have you ever been in a piping hot shower dead in the winter and stepped out of its steamy confines only to be met by a frigid tile floor and brisk winter air? Yeah, I’m sure a lot of us know the feeling. Well now there’s a technological way to heat those tiles like a champion. Companies like “Nuheat” offer mesh and pads that are laid down underneath your tiles and are then connected to your thermostat. You can easily heat the tiles to your specifications and walk around as hot-footed as you please. The cost for a bathroom sized room can run less than $1000 and it doesn’t soak up energy either.

Quality Tiling: Linoleum and glazed tile simply don’t cut it most of the time. They look outdated and rarely shout “luxury”. That being said, you also don’t want to spend thousands on imported marble just to get a look that could be achieved for thousands less. Glass tiles, granite overlaid flooring, and mosaic tiles are all things to consider to give your bathroom a fresh new look without breaking the bank.

Going Green, While Keeping it Mean: Saving a couple dollars here and there is always a wonderful thing. It’s especially wonderful when it can be implemented in a permanent sense, meaning the green additions to your home cut costs while enhancing your comfort. Items such as on-demand water heaters, which cut down on costs by allowing the water heater to turn on only when you need it, and low flow toilets. Technology allows us to go green and keep costs down, without losing out on the creature comforts we cherish most.

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