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9 Beautiful Kitchen Faucets

Last Updated on October 21, 2009

We see a lot of kitchen counters, which means we see a lot of kitchen faucets. Here are some of our favorites. Some are on this list because they are innovative and functional, some because they just look cool.

Spot Illuminated Kitchen Faucet (by Ndwelt)

With simple design and illuminated underside, this faucet features head that can be pulled out, and has touch-sensitive controls that turns water ON/OFF and controls temperature. The product has simple upside-down-L-shape, and looks like something from year 2050.

Ring Faucet (design by Sun Liang)


The design is simple, yet interesting. And the faucet come in two forms – for wall mount and for deck mount. The coolest part of the faucet is how the water flows (and appears): With a circular hole carved into the rectangular head, and water flowing from the edges of circle, you can get bird’s eye view of the water falling.

Karbon Faucet (by Kohler)


This faucet comes in both wall-mount and deck-mount forms, and features touch-button to switch between spraying and regular-/solid-flowing of water. The part that makes this the visually-coolest-faucet is its unique design: it contains 5 pivoting joints allowing for total range of motion while staying steadily in a set-position, and also offers very long reach.

Eve Faucet (by KWC)


This faucet does not offer any complicated feature – in fact its a very close-to-normal faucet, with simple/modern design, that allows for pull-down of the aerator which is common feature in modern products. But one thing that makes this an awesome faucet is LED light that’s shot down from opening of aerator, which illuminates falling water so that water fall seems more like a laser-sword: this only is enough to make this product COOL.

Murano Faucet (by KWC)


Another sleek faucet product by the Swiss manufacturer, thanks to its design/creative team, this product is a true innovation. Instead of water falling down the ordinary-looking-head, water glides across an elegant glass dish before falling down to form a wide, sheet-like water fall.

Ondus Digitecture Faucet (by Grohe)


Ondus faucet from German maker successfully combined sleek design with cutting-edge digital technology. With simple head for water flow, and two digital button-pads for temperature monitoring and water-flow controlling, it offers a truly futuristic feeling to its users.

(+)Shifter Faucet (design by Shen Di)


This faucet has what appears to be a car-gearbox in the place where water-controlling valve should be. But don’t be fooled by its first-look: its (+)shifter-looking valves lets you adjust the strength/amount of water fall in four levels. In addition to this innovative idea, design resembles a look of gearbox inside some of the most luxurious cars.

Blancoeloscope-F (by Blanco)


Made in Germany, this faucet, at its first glance, may seem much-too-ordinary. But hidden behind its simple design, is its functionality. The faucet swivels 360 degrees, and also allows for easy adjustment of height of the spout: simple, yet functional features allowing for maximum utility while taking up minimal space.

Fountain Tab (design by Jin-sun Park & Byungmin Woo)


The idea behind is simple: easier teeth-brushing routine. With just a push of a button, the water starts running; but not downward, rather it runs upward. Upward-running water (like water fountains, but in more calm/steady way) not only makes this product look cool, but also allows for no-cup gargling when brushing teeth; just lap up the water directly from the faucet.

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