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Autumn Is Upon Us

8 Great Tips for Transforming Your Home for the Fall

Last Updated on June 20, 2022

Now that summer is drawing to a rapid, sweltering, and hurricane-filled close, we thought we’d be the first to shift our design focus towards the ethereal images of autumn. Summer calls for lighter colors, more open designs, and a lighter touch – not one aimed towards coziness, but more towards free-flowing, airy fixtures and open-windowed freshness. Though as hurricane season bears down on us coastal dwellers, turning the breezy summer air into close-those-shudders wind that will knock a shingle or two off, we have to begin to plan for a gentle ascension into fall. Here are eight great tips for transforming your home into an autumn wonderland, including some fall home décor ideas and tips for getting your home ready for fall.

1 – Cook with the Season

Baking both savory and sweet items generously seasoned with cinnamon, coriander, and clove is a nice way to bring a nose-tingling spicy aroma to your home. It also pays off when the baking is done, whether it is cookies, pie, bread, or even baked fish. It all makes for a warm home and a satisfied belly.

2 – Bring out the Throws

Some of you might have folded up your throw blankets and stored away your throw pillows for the steamy summertime, but it’s about time to free them from their seasonal hibernation. Gathering around the television for a football game, or a weekend to read the newspaper, or just in the morning when you’ve got a cup of coffee in hand, it’s twice as nice when you can watch leaves float down from the treetops as you wrap yourself in your favorite blanket on your favorite couch.

3 – Decorate the Kitchen Accordingly

During the summer it’s nice to place green, large-leafed plants around the home and outdoors. The climate can usually support them and they add a beachy/tropical feel to a home regardless of where you live. In the fall, making the transition to an earthier plant or vegetable display is something to consider. As corny as it may sound, placing a variety of gourds and pumpkins around your home is a fall home décor idea that sets a decidedly autumnal tone.

4 – Highlight the Wood in Your Home

This fall home décor idea is fairly simple. If you have a wooden kitchen or dining room table try losing the tablecloth and simply going with placemats when you are eating. Polishing hardwood floors, wooden cabinets, and wooden tables really brings a crisp, woodland feel, especially if the wood in question is of a dark tone.

5 – Protect Your Deck

If you own a deck, now is the time to stain and seal it. Autumn and winter can bring harsh rain, snow, and ice thus protecting your outdoor, wooden escape is a must. First you must wash the deck and get the various pieces of dirt and debris that have affixed themselves to the cracks in the panels. Once the deck is clean and ready to stain, go to the hardware store and find a wood stain that fits your style and meets the look of your home’s façade and landscaping. Let it dry and feel content that for the rest of autumn your deck will look brand new, and once spring comes around, it will be no worse for wear.

6 – Prep the Fireplace

If you have a fireplace, the days until it can be used once again are nearly upon us. Be prepared for that unexpected blustery Sunday by going out and stocking up on firewood, firewood color enhancers to change the look and vibrancy of the flame, and various scented sticks to burn to add a certain level of spice to your cozy living room fire. Gather ‘round!

7 – Get Your Remodeling Done Now

As you are getting your home ready for fall, and you’ve been thinking of replacing a countertop, flooring tiles, cabinets, tub and shower surrounds, shutters, or anything that you may feel like doing, now is the time. The weather is still nice enough to allow for minimal intrusion into home by full scale remodelers. If a resurfacing or cabinet refacing is what you need, then it will take even less time – and it will all be ready for the winter, and just in the nick of time for fall.

8 – Shift Your Garden for the Fall Season

Get the most out of your garden after the summer months have ended. Broccoli, arugula, collards, kale, leeks, turnips, mustard, and lettuce all have the capacity to grow and be quite productive in the wintertime. You have many vegetable stews or stir fry to look forward to if you shift from sweet summer offerings to leafy, savory autumn greens.

Welcome to the wave of red.
Welcome to the wave of red.

Whatever you do, stay warm, stay cozy, and keep your house as comfortable and welcoming as ever with our fall home décor ideas!

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