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Going Green

6 Ways We’re Green

Last Updated on January 2, 2020

Granite Transformation shows dedication in delivering high quality, environmentally friendly solutions for your kitchen and bathroom. Since the green movement came upon us so quickly, many companies claim to be “green”, but consumers are sometimes unsure of what that actually means. What does green mean to us?

Here are 6 reasons why Granite Transformations is green:

1. 33 to 70 percent recycled content

Trend Glass countertops are manufactured using 33 to 70 percent recycled content, making it one of the industry leaders for its amount of recycled materials. In addition, Granite Transformations’ entire manufacturing process is designed to recycle materials whenever possible.

2. No demolition, less construction = Less waste

Granite Transformations countertops are engineered to fit right over existing countertops. That means there is no need to remove the old counters, greatly reducing the amount of landfill waste created by a traditional kitchen remodel. Additionally, there is no need for any further construction to support the new countertop. This means a further savings in the amount of raw materials and the energy needed to manufacture them.

3. Fewer materials, less energy

Because of the unique engineering process used to make Granite Transformations slabs, they are one third as thick (as compared to a ¾ inch slab) requiring at least 65 percent less material to produce. Less material means less energy consumption in manufacturing and less use of the resources required for the final product. All this is accomplished while providing superior heat, stain and scratch resistance, when compared to natural stone.

4. No chemical sealers

Traditional granite counters require periodic sealing with harsh chemicals that release vapors into the home and the environment. Granite Transformations countertops require zero maintenance other than cleaning with water and a mild detergent and there is no need to ever use a chemical sealer, as required by other surfaces.

5. Made in the USA

Unlike many other engineered surfaces, all of Granite Transformations’ slabs are made right here in the United States. That greatly reduces the quantity of resources that other manufacturers must use in the international shipping of their products.

6. We upcycle

It’s not just any post-consumer materials we use in our engineered countertops: one of our affiliates got some press coverage recently for our Trend Mosaic tiles, which “incorporated that signature blue glass from recycled Skyy Vodka bottles.”

But don’t take our word for it: check out our many industry certifications at the bottom of the page!

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