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6 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

Last Updated on January 5, 2015

Every year, on January 1st, you begin to think about all of the things you want to do differently in the New Year. Lose weight. Exercise more. Drink less. Save money. Pay off debt. Spend more time with the family. But what about setting some goals for your home improvement objectives? Meeting goals for your home can help you feel less stressed and more organized in your life. You can even pick one thing to focus on per month, so you won’t feel overwhelmed about having to get everything done at once!

1) Clear the Clutter! Make folders where you can store different kinds of mail – bills, coupons, magazines, receipts, etc. Once you’ve paid a bill, transfer it into a “paid bills” file. Sort through drawers in your kitchen and throw out things you don’t need. Keep similar things together. Go through your closet and donate clothes that you haven’t worn in over a year.

2) Watch Your Energy Use. Little things like shutting off lights after you leave a room, turning down your thermostat at night and when you leave the house, or minimizing the number of times you flush the toilet are small home improvements that can really add up and help you save in the long run. (Each time you flush the toilet, it uses two gallons of water!) There are so many things that can be done that you might not have thought of – like choosing energy-efficient light bulbs, running the dish washer or washing machine only when they are full, and line drying your clothes. Every little bit helps!

3) Safety First! Make sure that your home is protected by ensuring you have working carbon monoxide detectors on every floor. Replace batteries in smoke detectors, and create a fire safety plan for your family. Check your home for radon (a radioactive, colorless, odorless gas). You can check for radon with a simple device that you can get at your local hardware store ­– saving you from lung cancer. Your health is worth the investment.

4) Refresh and Invigorate. Pick a room in your home that you don’t use and create purpose for it – and design it based on that purpose. Whether it becomes an office, a relaxing/reading room, or exercise space, take it on as a project and make it a space you’ll use. Make it fun – like a design challenge on a home remodeling show!

5) Purify Indoor Air. According to the EPA, indoor air quality is one of the top environmental health hazards and is worst during the winter months, when windows and doors are closed tight. Potential indoor contaminants that included dust, mold spores, pollen and viruses can be harmful to our lungs. Making a few adjustments such as maintaining your HVAC system, using low VOC paints, burning real firewood rather than pressed wood, and using a portable air cleaner can help improve indoor air quality, which in turn benefits your health.

6) Budget for Home Improvements. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average annual home maintenance and upkeep expenditures for U.S. households are about $3,300. Creating an annual budget for home improvement and maintenance is a great way to prevent overspending and encourages homeowners to set aside money for major necessary replacements (like a new roof or kitchen appliances). About 1% to 3% of your home’s initial purchase price should be set aside for yearly maintenance and upkeep. For example, the owner of a $250,000 home should budget between $2,500 to $7,500 each year for upkeep and replacements.

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Granite Transformations wishes you a happy and healthy New Year! Don’t forget to sign up for a free in-home design consultation from Granite Transformations for your New Year’s kitchen or bathroom renovation project. When you sign up, you’ll receive a complimentary home remodeling Starter Guide, which outlines the entire renovation process from start to finish, so you’ll know exactly what to expect every step of the way.

What home resolutions will you be working toward in the New Year? Share them with us below.

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