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Child Safety

6 Child Safety points around the house

Last Updated on January 30, 2012

Have you ever considered how many areas around your home might be dangerous to your children?  As a parent, child safety is likely one of your top concerns.  Check around your home for the following safety points, so you can make sure that your child is safe and secure:

1.  Sharp corners on furniture

Coffee tables, chair corners and even the arm rests on your sofa can all have sharp points that could cause serious injury in the event of a fall.  If you only have one or two pieces of furniture like this, you could simply replace these with more child-friendly pieces.  Otherwise, you can child-proof them with “bumpers” that are available at most stores that sell child-proofing equipment.

2.  Toilets

Children are endlessly curious about the toilet, especially those who are beginning to toilet train.  Where does that water go, anyway?  You can protect your child — and help keep the bathroom more sanitary — by installing a toilet lock.

3.  Electrical outlets

Electrical outlets are full of possibilities, as far as children are concerned.  So many small items can fit in there.  Protect your child from shocks or worse by using plastic plugs to cover up outlets that aren’t currently in use.

4.  Pools and hot tubs

An outdoor pool or hot tub can go from summertime fun to tragedy in just the blink of an eye.  One of the most important child safety measures you can take is to install a barrier around the pool, like a mesh pool fence.  Never leave your child unsupervised around water.

5.  Burners on the stove

When you are cooking, keep children out of the kitchen.  If they want to help with meal prep, set them up with small jobs at the kitchen table so the stove is out of reach.  Always be careful to turn off the stove when you aren’t using it, and turn pot handles in so you can’t accidentally bump them and knock them over.

6. Flat screen TVs

These tend to be top heavy, and it’s easy for a child to pull one down.  This could potentially kill a small child, and reports of these types of incidents are increasing.  Install child safety straps on your TV to keep it attached to the TV stand, or, better yet, install it on the wall where it is safely out of reach.

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