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5 Ways to Renew Your “Love” For Your Kitchen

Last Updated on January 2, 2020

With the amount of time you spend together, you may feel like you are in a long term relationship with your kitchen. Given all the great memories and meals your kitchen has given you, you may be thinking of how you can show your love for the most important room of your home. How can you do this? A makeover! Giving your kitchen a new look will make you love your kitchen more than ever.

 Rethink your countertops – If there is one thing to focus on during a remodel, it is your countertops. As a vital part of the kitchen, it is important to have a surface that can withstand whatever you throw at it. Granite Transformations’ exclusive granite is more heat, stain, and scratch resistant than ordinary surfaces.

 Add mosaic tiles Mosaic tiles are the perfect way to add a pop of color, texture and some personality to the kitchen. Try it as a kitchen backsplash or as a stylish accent.

 Redo your lighting Light fixtures are the equivalent of jewelry for your kitchen and can help you see a whole new side of this cherished space of your home. Subtle designs can add a classy touch while an extravagant fixture can make a bold statement.

 Reface your cabinets – A cost-effective way to give your kitchen new life is to reface your cabinets. This method proves to be a faster and less messy option than replacing cabinets. Granite Transformations’ cabinet refacing products have also proven to be resistant to moisture, heat and scratches.

 Refinish your appliances – Once you remodel your kitchen, your appliances may not match your new color scheme. Instead of replacing working kitchen appliances, look for an appliance refinishing company to reface your refrigerator, dishwasher and other appliances to give them a new look.

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