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Kitchen Remodel Without Appliances

5 Tips on How to Design a Kitchen That Will Grow with Your Family

Last Updated on February 15, 2022

You’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and re-design your kitchen! Now comes the next big decision – what is the best kitchen plan for growing families? The good news is that there is no one answer for this, so you can truly customize your space to your heart’s content. That said, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind as you are designing your new kitchen. So, we compiled 5 tips to help you on your planning journey.

Install a Countertop that Will Withstand Use

The last thing you want to do is install a beautiful, brand new granite countertop only to have it end up with stains due to spilled juice or an errant marker. Choose a more durable countertop, such as an engineered stone surface like etherium® By E-Stone, that wipes down easily and is naturally stain-resistant.

Assess your storage needs

Make sure that you have sufficient storage for your food and that it is easily accessible. Spaces to consider are the pantry and any drawers where you want your kids to have access. Also consider things like shelf and cabinet positioning so everyone in the family will be able to reach what they need when they need it.

Your Island Style

A few things to think about are the shape, layout, and intended uses. Do you want your kids to be able to sit at the island and talk, eat a snack, or get help with homework while you cook? You may want to opt for a bar-style island, which is high enough to accommodate high-chairs and stools. Another option is to install an induction cooktop in the island.

Consider the Seating and Floor Plan

Open floor plans are great for families, as they allow plenty of room for movement and don’t feel constricted. Do you want to include a family seating area where everyone can gather? Or would you prefer the seating to be more distributed around the space?

Workspace Configuration

Are you a foodie and can’t wait to share your love of cooking with your little ones? Make it a little easier with a pull-out countertop situated slightly lower.

Ready to get started on your remodel, or need help with your custom kitchen design? Visit our kitchens page or get in touch with the Granite and TREND Transformations team today for product and material recommendations, style tips, and more!

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