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5 Must-Have Items for Kitchen Bliss

Last Updated on October 26, 2011

Cooking at home can be a wonderful adventure that provides you with the opportunity to explore foods and spices, allowing for the discovery of new tastes without having to jet around the world. Equipping a kitchen for usability and convenience can be a challenge or it can be fairly easy to accomplish. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most common features built-in to kitchen remodeling jobs to achieve the ideal level of beauty and flow in your kitchen.  If you are in the process of remodeling consider adding one or more of the following to your home, making time spent in the kitchen as enjoyable as possible.

1. Granite countertops

In the kitchen, resiliency and durability are paramount. Granite countertops meet this need well, offering heat- and scratch-resistance, making it possible to cook without having to scramble for a trivet when it’s time to move a hot pot off the stove. The scratch-resistant surface will not be damaged by knife use. Granite surfaces also resist stains and come in a variety of styles and designs, making these types of countertops ideal for all kitchens.

2. Island


An island is a great way to maximize space in a kitchen, a room where work areas and storage availability are sometimes in limited supply. A mobile island allows everyone from cooking hobbyists to professional chefs to create a layout that works best for their changing needs. Scoot an island next to a stationary counter to add space, especially for involved recipes with several preparation steps, or move the island between your kitchen and dining area to divide the room without having to add a wall.

3. Wall ovens


As mentioned, optimizing the space available in a kitchen can make the preparation of even the simplest meal that much easier. Wall ovens can help with this goal, freeing up counter space that can be utilized for other tasks. Wall ovens also eliminate the need for bending over to attend to simmering meals, and, given their adjustable placement in the wall, make foods easier to access. Double wall ovens are also an option and extremely convenient when cooking several foods for the holidays.

4. Slow cooker

Ideal for the person who wants to come home to a prepared meal or cook a meal while something else is going in the oven, a slow cooker is a handy tool in the kitchen. They take up little space, are energy efficient, and can be used to  prepare everything from entrees to desserts. What better way to simmer a winter stew while still being able to leave the house for work or errands?

5. Henckels knives


A quality set of knives in the kitchen can make food preparation tasks that much easier. Well known for the comfort of their grip and ease of use, Henckels is a brand used by people all around the world. Start with a standard and practical 8-inch cook’s knife, which can be used to slice, peel, and chop. Invest as well in a serrated knife, which can be used to slice through crusty breads or anything with a tough surface and soft interior. Kept sharp, knives will remain widely useful in the kitchen. Investing in a reliable brand like Henckels will ensure a long life of this necessary kitchen tool.

Spending time in the kitchen should be as fun and stress-free as possible, a goal within reach with these must-have items. Save money by investing in durable tools that will hold up under years of use and discover anew the joy of cooking.

Thomas Stone, who blogs on behalf of Sears and other prestigious brands, enjoys Korean barbecue, and spending his time keeping up with the latest innovations in elite kitchen appliances.

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